How to change Start Button tooltip text?

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:48 09 May 2005

Does anyone know how I could change the text in the tooltip, "click here to begin", that is displayed when hovering the mouse over the Start Button in Windows XP Pro SP2?

  bretsky 22:20 09 May 2005

I think it's Right click on desktop>Appearance tab>Advanced>Item>tooltip then change font and size to suite. note:haven't tried this myself.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 22:25 09 May 2005

From desktop Properties first then the the rest.

bretsky :0)

  Chegs ® 22:38 09 May 2005

click here

Yes,you need ResHacker click here

You need not alter the MFC_OS.DLL to disable SFC totally,the registry edit/Filelist.xml edit does the job well enough,but dont forget to re-enable SFC in the registry once done.

You also need StylesXP click here to change the colours of the "Start" button.

Styles XP needs a 2Kb patch d/l'ed after every restart(with SP-2)Tweaking explorer.exe can create instability in windows,the message "Explorer.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" appears randomly and frequently.The "Backup" files in XP can be a pain,their different to the one you "created" when altering system files,and XP keeps "overwriting" your modified files with its "backups" during reboots but,presumably as their in use,this often leaves you "desktopless" until you complete the full process again from the beginning. :-(

I have ceased altering the "popup" messages in XP,as XP seems to be even more unstable than just altering the "Start" text,or its garish green colour.Mine is a lovely blue,blending into the blue taskbar.I have just installed SP-2 and am still locating various problems(such as Styles XP above)I DID remove the mini icon from the button,but since SP-2,every reboot replaces it,and I haven't found where from yet. :-)

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:42 10 May 2005


Thanks for trying to help but I already know how to change the appearance of the tooltips, it's the actual text I want to change which cannot be done from display properties.

Chegs ®,

Unfortunately your first link does not seem to work today. ResHacker looks like it will allow me to change the appearance of the start button but again not the tooltip text. After reading your last paragraph i think it is, perhaps, best left alone.

I already change the appearance of the start button using Style XP and have done so for quite some time. I find Style XP 3.02, the latest version I have tried, is completely stable with none of the occasional problems that I used to see with the earlier versions.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:44 10 May 2005

After reading your last paragraph i think the tooltip text is, perhaps, best left alone.

  Chegs ® 11:10 10 May 2005

ResHacker lets you alter the text in tooltips,its in the "String Table...34" like this click here and Overclockers link seems to be working fine here. :-)

If you try this hack,ONLY tweak the "Click here to begin" test it a few times(rebooting)before attempting to tweak anything else.I spent a few hours overnight trying various things and if I tweaked several things at once,the explorer.exe kept crashing,tweaked the tooltip text only rebooted several times with no problem(other than Styles XP needed its 2Kb patch each time)If you take a look at my screengrab,you can make out my blue start button,as its gained that flipping icon again. :-)

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:31 10 May 2005

I too find Overclockers is working now :-)

Had I realised that such an apparently small tweak would be so involved and potentially risky, not to mention having to reinstall the Style XP patch at each and every boot, I would not have been daft enough to ask this question.

  Chegs ® 13:06 10 May 2005

I wouldn't have said its a daft question. :-)

(I have seen proper "daft" questions asked and answered on PCA)

The techniques used are only complicated as Microsoft insist on trying to stop folks "reverse engineering" or copying bits of their software by use of System File Protection.In XP,this can be a real pain to defeat.I was amazed to find that even a "simple" change to the bootscreen can tip XP into a BSOD at reboot.I was fiddling around with click here tools,and used one of its apps to change logon screen.To cut a very long story short,I reinstalled via an image of my HDD. :-)

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