How to change i.p address?

  buel 22:06 25 Nov 2008

Hi there, please can someone confirm that my i.p address will change if i turn off and then on my router?

  DieSse 22:18 25 Nov 2008

Not necessarily.

Most BB systems these days have server assigned IP addresses - which means the server allocates one to you out of the batch it has access to.

How and when they change your IP address is up to them, not you.

They may change it if you disable and remake your connection - then again they may not.

  DieSse 22:20 25 Nov 2008

PS - it's easy enough to try if you want to try it.

What do you hope to gain - you'll still be identifiable to anyone authorised to find out (the police basically).

  Batch 11:35 26 Nov 2008

Also depends on your ISP, some (like mine UKOnline akak Easynet) give a fixed IP address as a matter of course.

Others do as DieSse says and allocate out of a pool each time you connect.

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