How change internet connection to new comp?

  symphony 21:55 28 Dec 2007

I'm going to replace my slow comp with a new one. I'm wondering about the internet connection. We are on Tiscali broadband (not wireless).
Our new comp will be a different room and we'll be sticking with Tiscali who have been fine and I hope they continue to be!
My issues are as follows..

Can I retain the existing account and modem?
How do I go about having my new comp connect to the internet?
I feel I need to be more specific here but I'm in the dark about this.

I'm hoping for a smooth transition to the new comp!

  kindly 22:02 28 Dec 2007

I would guess that you can use the disc you got when you started with your isp and put the modem in. You should know your password and sign in name from the begining. so that is what i would do. changing the computer has nothing to do with your isp.

  cream. 22:07 28 Dec 2007

If you still wish to connect to the internet with your modem, then you will have to either use a nearer telephone socket or use a telephone extension cable.

If you have a telephone socket in the different room, use that, but don't forget the filters. If it has no socket, then use an extention cable, with filter and connect to the new computer.

You will have to run the tiscali software on the new computer to set it up for the internet. That should take just a minute.

You will, of course, only be able to use one computer at a time if you continue with the modem.

Thats about it for a modem.

Have you considered using a wifi router? The router could be where the modem is now situated or out of the way. You can configure them and your internet will be always connected, secure and you can use more than one computer at a time. For around £50, you could be setup.

  symphony 22:21 28 Dec 2007

Hi Kindly and Percy.
Thanks for the replies, some things for me to think about.
I very much doubt we still have the original Tiscali disc! Could I use a different Tiscali disc?
Great I can keep the modem and the ISP account as is but it looks as though there's a software issue in that the original disc is nowhere to be found???

  cream. 22:44 28 Dec 2007

Any tiscali disk should do, so long as it has the drivers for that particular modem.

What make and model of modem do you have?

  birdface 00:36 29 Dec 2007

Connect using ethernet connection and it should start Ok without any disc's

  cream. 09:53 29 Dec 2007

Are you using a modem or a router.

With a modem you will need the disk, as all tiscali modems I have seen are usb. It's the drivers for the modem.

If you already have a modem router, you just need a longer ethernet cable or to move the router nearer the new computer. If it has a telephone socket near it. As buteman points out, you won't need a disk if it goes through a modem router.

  symphony 16:08 29 Dec 2007

Hi Percy vere, it's a Thomson SpeedTouch 330. And it's a modem not a router methinks.
I don't know what a modem router is.
Still a bit confused as yet.
What's ethernet connection buteman?

  cream. 18:21 29 Dec 2007

If your new oomputer has vista as an operating system, then you will want to download the vista drivers for your modem. click here
Download them and either burn to a cd disk or pop the drivers onto a usb pen drive. Then when you get the new computer, you have the drivers for the modem.

An ethernet connection is the LAN socket at the rear of the computer. You use it to network the computer with other devices, mainly modem router.

  cream. 18:25 29 Dec 2007

On reflection, it might be good idea to ring tiscali and ask for a new driver and installation disk. Tell them you want it for the Thompson ST 330 and specify your operating system.

  symphony 14:55 30 Dec 2007

Thanks Percy, I'll get onto Tiscali and see if their customer service is any good.

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