how to- capture from camcorder ?

  joeltr 15:25 31 Aug 2005

i have just bought a canon MV830 camcorder, and i am having problems trying to transfer video from same to my pc, it came with a usb lead,i set it all up, but each time i try it says unable to detect hardware, the camcorder came with a disc called digital video solution disk, also pinnacle studio 9se, i have installed both,but no luck atall, i read about fire-wire but i dont think i have it, any advice please, thanks, joel.

  babybell 15:27 31 Aug 2005

What OS are you running?

  woodchip 15:28 31 Aug 2005

You have to do the Capture in the Software Program supplied on the Driver CD. It does not work as a Digital Camera. You have to use some kind of Video editing Software to get youe Video of the Tape or memory

  joeltr 15:39 31 Aug 2005

my system is windows xp-pro, i have tried opening both programs then clicking acquire, with the same result, even tried windows moviemaker,joel.

  LAP 15:46 31 Aug 2005

Your Camera is fitted with a DV out terminal?
If so you will need a firewire card in your computer and purchase a firewire cable. I have found USB is ok for downloading stills and mpg's

  joeltr 15:53 31 Aug 2005

it does have a dv terminal, it must be the answer, i am getting no responce atall as it is, thanks, joel.

  GroupFC 15:53 31 Aug 2005

I'm not sure but I don't think video from a Canon camcorder is transferable by USB - certainly I've never been able to do it on my old Canon 530i - of course as usual I stand to be corrected!

The usb connection is for transferring still images taken with the camcorder. To transfer video I think you will need a firewire card, at least that's how I do it.

  joeltr 15:57 31 Aug 2005

i think your right, it came with a digital memory card, i will take a few frames to see if it works, joel.

  LAP 17:13 31 Aug 2005

I've been looking on the Canon web site. Yes you will have to have a firewire card and a firewire cable. I spent £1000 on a Sony Dv even at that price they were too tight to put a firewire cable in the box.

If your camera is capable you may be able to do alot more! ie Pause the video anywhere you wish and transfer this image to the memory card in your camera then download via the usb (you will loose a little of the sharpness) Unlike if you took the image direct onto your memory card.

Also you may be able to record a section of video onto the memory card as a mpg (I do mine on fine setting) this is 15 seconds worth. Download via the USB. Ideal to send that special moment via the web. You can try this at least you will have something to view on your computer!

'It's good to talk'

  joeltr 17:23 31 Aug 2005

good advice, i am still finding my way around the instructions,and there isnt much in the way of the video side of the camera mainly the card usage, im going to have a go at it now, thanks again,joel.

  woodchip 19:19 31 Aug 2005

I know what you mean, but it will work with some software with USB I have JVC it will work with some software but not with Pinnacle 9 it insists on a DV cable

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