how to cancell " remember password "

  jarani 23:07 30 Jul 2005

I would appreciate help with the above problem

I just downloaded the Mozilla Firefox browser in parallel with the Int Explorer working in winxp / sp2 to use on a particular site which was not happy working with winxp / sp2 / ie combination

Foolishly , on logging in to the site I was asked if I wanted my login details to be remembered - I said yes !

This is a confidential financial site and I have been trying for the past 2 days to cancel the " remember Password " instruction without success

Can anyone help please ? jarani

  SANTOS7 23:14 30 Jul 2005

Tools>options>privacy>saved passwords options to delete are there,good luck......

  octal 23:34 30 Jul 2005

And while you are in there take the tick out of the box to Remember Passwords and you won't get bothered by it keep asking.

  Stuartli 23:39 30 Jul 2005

Just to ease your worries, all the financial institutions' websites I use on a regular basis require far more than basic log on details to be able to access private information.

  jarani 23:56 30 Jul 2005

Santos7 - thank you for the prompt response - I tried in IE - tools - internet options - privacy - nothing about passwords = then tried - content - under personal information - autocomplete settings - clear passwords - no effect !

I wonder if Firefox has something to do with the difficulty of cancelling it - actually the login involves = account no and pin no - jarani

  Roadgiant 23:57 30 Jul 2005

If you expand the save passwords option it allows you to remove & also display individual passwords rather than clear all of them.

  Roadgiant 00:01 31 Jul 2005

The above response of mine assumed you meant using Firefox, not sure as reguards IE as I use Firefox all the time.

  octal 00:05 31 Jul 2005

I'm with Roadgiant on this one, can you be specific which browser you are referring to, you haven't made it clear because you've mentioned both.

  SANTOS7 00:06 31 Jul 2005

As roadgiant says if you expand saved passwords it will give you the option to view saved passwords just select the one you want to remove, click remove..

  octal 00:09 31 Jul 2005

I'll just add Firefox anf IE don't talk to each other at all, so what you do in one won't have an effect on the other.

  SANTOS7 00:10 31 Jul 2005

I assume its firefox as IE6 does not give you that option

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