How can you use your TV as a PC monitor

  Qdiddy 13:25 17 Sep 2004

I'd like to set up my Thomsons 28in widescreen as a PC monitor, but my TV is downstairs and my PC is upstairs, so something wireless would suit.

Already have wireless keyboard and mouse so would like to use them downstairs as well.

Any advice?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:43 17 Sep 2004

Sounds an interesting idea but not sure if its feasible.


Plug cable from TV out socket on Graphic card to a video sender and then video receiver into your TV?

  €dstowe 14:12 17 Sep 2004

The resolution of a television set is not sufficient to be able to use it successfully as a computer monitor.

  jack 14:26 17 Sep 2004

As an experiment to see what thing can do sounds interesting
but as €Stowe says TV rez is very low and the results will be far from useful.

  Qdiddy 14:58 17 Sep 2004

I might try your idea fruit bat. I can't believe I'm the only one who wants to do this. What about integration and all that?

Instead of watching all the rubbish adverts, you could surf during the breaks (in fact, if the advertisers were clever, the stick their web address on the advert more often!)

  Stuartli 15:57 17 Sep 2004

You are unlikely to be happy with using a TV as a monitor both for reasons of resolution and, very likely, eventual eye strain.

Some of the TFT TV sets can, however, be used as monitors and are sold on that basis.

You would also need to convert (IIRC) your system's video signal via a converter unit - these cost around £75 upwards:

click here

If you had had a laptop it would have been much easier as most are equipped with video outputs (probably because they are more likely to be used for presentation purposes).

  deggsymann 17:55 17 Sep 2004

You used to have to use your tv years ago when i had a sinclair spectrum, and it did do your eyes in (although the graphics were pap in those days!!)

I know it doesn't answer the question but it may rekindle some memories amongst older contributors - that and the fact you had to attach a tape recorder to it to load games makes you glad technology improves so rapidly.

  Qdiddy 18:25 17 Sep 2004

The laptop idea is a goodun I think. My work laptop has what looks like an S-Video connection and a little picture of a TV.

Now I just need to go buy an S-Video cable and I can test it out. I won't be able to network my work laptop to my home pc (they have people who check on these things). But I was thinking about setting up a wireless network with a new laptop anyway. If the S-video works, then there could be the answer!!

  Stuartli 09:47 18 Sep 2004

You were probably using the TV and a Spectrum with a 405 line FM set rather than the current 625 line UHF technology...:-)

However, the main difference still remains the fact that a monitor uses an non-interlaced display and it's the opposite in the case of a TV (plus 50MHz refresh rate, a figure doubled on some models).

No doubt if and when we ever get HDD TVs it will be a more realistic proposition.

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