How can you test if a wireless router is faulty?

  JP Isleworth 20:04 29 Apr 2007

I have had a bad weekend :( trying to set up a netgear wireless router, followed the disc instructions but the wireless light will not come on on the router when all configured.
How can I know if there is a fault with the router? please help at my wits end.

  woodchip 20:13 29 Apr 2007

You have to set it up first with a Ethernet Cable before you Do the wireless side of router. Connect with Cable then Go into Setup Page and enter your ISP settings like Password and ISP etc, after connecting you have to setup the wireless in the Router setting and write down SSID and password plus user etc Do the Encryption after you get a connection. You may also have to reboot the router after changes.

Settings have to be put into the Laptop Wireless Software

  Jake_027 20:20 29 Apr 2007

I had a similar problem when I tried to install a netgear DG834Gv3 for my grandma, set it up but wireless would not come on. Took it back to PC world the next day and explained the problem, they replaced it for me. Brought it home and tried again, had no problem. Take it back to where you bought it and get it replaced, it is probably faulty.


  JP Isleworth 20:33 29 Apr 2007

Jake, woodchip, many thanks for reply. I have followedthe instructions, set the ethernet cable up and followed it to the letter - it won't let me get as far as entering the IP, mask and gateway details as the set up wizard says o connection, and I cannot proceed. I have wasted hours on this and it has caused a system failure - long story. I will return it to amazon - thanks for advice.

  dags29 21:01 29 Apr 2007

If the wireless light does not come on it usually indicated that wireless is disabled in the router wireless settings, have a look in there and see if it is.

Or it could simply be faulty

  JP Isleworth 21:03 29 Apr 2007

how can I check the wireless router settings?

  dags29 21:07 29 Apr 2007

log into the router using the ip address which will be something like

click on wireless settings under setup and there will be 3 tick boxes under wireless access point

put a tick in the wireless access point box.

Hopefully you will then have a wireless connection

  JP Isleworth 21:12 29 Apr 2007

Does the router have to be connected to the modem etc or is this something that is browser based to configure

  dags29 21:15 29 Apr 2007

The modem shouldn't have to be connected, but obviously will for you to get an internet connection.

what model is the router?

  JP Isleworth 21:17 29 Apr 2007

netgear wgt624
modem on and working but router not linked up as ready to be sent back

  dags29 21:30 29 Apr 2007

Well it's upto to you if you want to try it. if you do, forget the setup cd, reset the router, connect it to your pc with the ethernet cable and type in the routers ip address into your web browser. You might be prompted to enter a username and password, this is usually admin and password or admin and admin

then have a look in the wireless settings and see if it enabled. If it isn't then tick the box. Also tick the box that says broadcast ssid.

Then have a look to see if the wireless light is on, if it isn't, turn the router off and on again, if it still isn't on, then you may aswell send it back.

If it does light up post back and well take it from there.

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