how can you get file name lists as text?

  athenrye 14:45 23 Oct 2010

ive got some folders with lots of jpegs in them

i want a text list of the names of the files so that i can alter the names for another purpose, not to change the file...

how do you do this?

i dont need the actual jpeg picture in the list just the file name


  VoG II 14:51 23 Oct 2010
  Nontek 14:56 23 Oct 2010

Right-click on the last icon in your pics window menu bar, then choose List.
click here

  athenrye 15:00 23 Oct 2010

yes nontek, i can get the list that way
how then do i copy it and put it on notepad or word so i can alter it?

  athenrye 15:11 23 Oct 2010

I24, thanks but i dont want a programme, and i cant follow the windows instructions

i have the folder on my desktop called csc badges
in the folder i have other folders with country names australia, canada etc and in those folders i have all my jpegs

whats the directory name i use, when i type in cmd i get C:\USERS\william>, ive tried putting various extensions on it but it doesnt do anything

ive put in Desktop\csc badges and it comes up and says it doesnt recohnise it as an internal or external commnad

im using vista

  athenrye 15:15 23 Oct 2010

hi vog, all i wnat is to be able to have a list of file names, do i need to change my directory to do this?

plus it all sounded like double dutch to me

isnt there an easy way to get a list of the file names, onto a text editor like notepad?

thanks for the suggestions so far

  Nontek 15:28 23 Oct 2010

Copy/Paste the list into Word or similar.

  Nontek 15:32 23 Oct 2010

Hmm, sorry my suggestion is a no-no, doesn't work, I just tried it, ended up with tiny thumbnails in Wordpad.

  athenrye 15:32 23 Oct 2010

nontek if it was that simple id have one it hours ago...

  athenrye 15:37 23 Oct 2010

hi guys
in desperation ive downloaded karens directory programme and it seems easy enough

but my first list come sout like this
FILE australia NZ PNG 2010.jpg
FILE melbourbe no1 csc.jpg
FILE melbourbe no1 jock stein csc 2.jpg
FILE melbourbe no1 jock stein csc.jpg

Name which is what i want, but its got File and .jpg after it


  brambles 16:48 23 Oct 2010

Go to the directory where you are holding the names of the pictures which you want to edit.

Click on the file for example of

australia NZ PNG 2010.jpg
Click F2 Function Key
Now amend the filename to what you want it to read
it won't affect the properties of the file which will still be a JPEG

You'll have to be careful as with the jock stein filename you indicated. I assume you want the csc in whatever that means.

melbourbe no1 jock stein csc.jpg
melbourbe no1 jock stein csc 2.jpg
Could become
melbourbe no1 jock stein csc001
melbourbe no1 jock stein csc002

This is only the same method a lot of people use with there images where they alter it to give a description of the photo instead of
image 234-8.jpeg
So it might be a long job depends on how many filenames you want to edit.
Karen's Directory is a directory printing programme I use too.

Hope some of this helps


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