How can you copy Protected Audio cd's

  Ballie 11:01 31 Jan 2005

I am trying to make a copy’s of some of my audio cd's, I have coped them to my hard drive though win media player v10 which has put them in a file in my doc's called "my music" you can play the audio track fine on the computer.

I have then tried to copy them to a cd-r (or cd-rw) and I can't copy them. I have tried doing it though wmp10 and though Nero 6 reloaded (the program it tried to use was Nero Express) when trying in Nero you get an error saying, "DRM checking failed. Not enough licences available"

I presume that I can't copy/back-up because they are protected. However as I own the original and want to make a copy to play and leave in the car and to use on my Walkman I understand that I am legally allowed to do so.

Can anyone tell me is there a program you can get that will let you copy protected Audio cd's something like DVD Shrink but for audio cd's?

  Gongoozler 11:07 31 Jan 2005

Hi Ballie. Unfortunately you can't legally make a copy even for your own use - ridiculous but that's the law. Because it's illegal I wouldn't be allowed to tell you on this forum what software to use even if I knew.

  mattyc_92 11:08 31 Jan 2005

You have "protected" them when you "ripped" them from the cd....

Open Win Media Player and go to "tools->options"...

Now click onto the tab labelled "Rip Music" and you will see the format you are going to change them to, 3 tick boxes and a "quality" bar... If the tick box labelled "Copy protect music" is ticked untick it and press OK....

Unfortunatly, you now need to "rip" the tracks off the cd again.... And these will be able to be "burned" onto a cd....

  ACOLYTE 11:09 31 Jan 2005

Maybe this will help

click here

  mattyc_92 11:10 31 Jan 2005

As Gongoozler has said... If you haven't protected them I I think you have (if the disk itself is protected)... then sorry, I can't help, it would be going against the copyright law and the terms and cons for this forum...

  €dstowe 11:12 31 Jan 2005

What do you think "Copy Protection" means?

  gudgulf 11:17 31 Jan 2005

I don't understand why you need to use media player at all to copy a cd.Why not just use Nero.
Put a cd in the tray and ask Nero to copy will burn an image to the hard drive and then ask you for a blank cd and burn that image to it.
Once you have ripped music to WMA format using MP10 it will add digital rights management to the tracks which will prevent you from copying them.If you are wanting to make a compilation of tracks in a compressed form then you need to rip them to your hard drive in MP3 format.There are a number of free utilities to do that but if you have Real Player on your system you can use that.The MP3 format will be burnable to cd from your hard drive.

Incidentally in the UK you are not legally allowed to make any copies of your music whatsoever but I doubt that you will be attracting the anti piracy police by making a cd or cassette for use in your car.

  pj123 11:24 31 Jan 2005

Like you I like to keep copies in my car (in case it gets broken into) then only copies are stolen.

I just use Nero and make "Copy CD". Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I think it depends on what sort of copy protection the CD has. Mostly it works OK.

I have recently bought an MP3 player (up to 8 hours) and just use that in the car. I can then change the selection at regular intervals without having duplicate CDs.

The other advantage of that is I can carry it around with me as well. It doesn't remain in the car.

  TomJerry 11:33 31 Jan 2005

if those CDs are protected, you can not copy (rip) them at the first place.

the problem is that you "protect them" (as pointed out by other people above) when you rip (not really copy) using wmp10 because you did not untick copy protect in the option

  Ballie 11:44 31 Jan 2005

Gongoozler - thanks but with all due respect I think legally you can make a copy if you have purchased the original cd, As CD's and DVD's are not 100% indestructible many people want to make a backup of their DVD's and CD's. Using the backup to play thus saving the original. Especially when it involves children it is VERY handy to have them use a backup. I agree that to make copy’s and sell them or give them to other people is wrong, but I do not want to do that it is for my use and to protect the original.

mattyc_92 - I think your right I have looked in the wmp10 options and "Copy protect music" was ticked so I will try again, thanks.

ACOLYTE - thanks

€dstowe - As I understand it Copy Protection means you can not copy a cd,dvd, game or anything to sell or give to someone else, and thus removing there need to buy it however as I have said if you have already bought the product and you want to create a back up copy for your self to use then I think you are legally allowed to do so.

The bottom line is, I love this forum and I am very grateful for all the people that help me in it, I do not want to go against the terms and cons of this forum, But I am sure that what I have asked help with is not wrong.

  €dstowe 11:51 31 Jan 2005

For information, Copy Protection is a means designed to prevent you copying the contents of the disc. Nothing more or less. The fact you may be able to over-ride this protection is more a failing of the system rather than giving you a right to do it.

I don't want to moralise on this but what you are trying to do is against the whole spirit of the copy protection and is illegal. As has been said, it is unlikely you will get a visit from the thought police over this but, it illegal activities are contrary to the policy of this forum.

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