How can you access a database remotely?

  Matt5758 21:00 18 Jul 2005

I work for a company who has 4 offices in the midwest. They all need to connect to the same database in which they all will edit. I thought webdav will work but since Im using MS Access (I read it will corrupt it). How can I do this?

  Forum Editor 00:10 19 Jul 2005

provided certain requirements are fulfilled:

Each machine that needs to access the database must have MS Access installed as a standalone, or there must be a network installation.

You must set up a shared folder on the computer that will host the database, and put the Access database inside it.

Make sure that the database is configured to open in shared mode:

1. On the Tools menu, click Options.

2. On the Advanced tab, under Default open mode, click Shared.

The danger, when more than one person has access to the database, is that more than one person might be working with the same records at the same time. Someone else could edit whilst you're working in the database, or even delete your data, so you'll need to watch for the warnings that Access will provide if, and when this happens. You'll get a small black arrowhead alongside a record that is current, and hasn't been edited. If there's an icon that looks like a yellow sheet of paper with a pen it means that data changes haven't been saved - your colleagues will not see the changes, and they won't be able to edit the data until you save your changes. A small circle with a line across it means that the record is locked, and you'll hear a beep if you try to edit.

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