How can an XP program run on Win7

  SudokuKid 14:56 31 Jan 2011

I have an old Machine running XP(OEM),SP3.
I have a new machine running Win7(64 bit)
Two programs I use a lot are incompatable (manufacturers info) with Win7. is there a program that will put a virtual XP on my Win7?

Any help would be appreciated, ZudokuKid

  Terry Brown 15:00 31 Jan 2011

I believe that the top versions of Windows 7 have a compability mode for Windows XP.

It depends on which version of windows 7 you have.

This link will give you a guide.
click here


  gardener 15:05 31 Jan 2011

Windows 7 Professional has a virtual XP mode ( you need to download it), which I've found very handy as I use a few programs that refuse to install on Win 7.

Other than that, VMWare do a virtualisation program but at £115 it might be cheaper to upgrade to Win 7 Pro.

There may be free programs on the net that do same thing.

  gardener 15:11 31 Jan 2011

Just searched and found this freeby. I've never tried it but it's supposed to work on Windows 7.

click here

  dms_05 15:28 31 Jan 2011

On W7 64 bit I run quite a few programs originally written for XP 32 bit.

My method is to use File Manager to located the .exe file that runs the program and right click on this. From the drop down Menu select Properties and then select Compatibility Mode - here select the OS you want like XP SP3. Also select Run as Administrator at the bottom of the menu.

Next time you run the program it should run in 32 bit W7 mode imitating XP SP3.

  canarieslover 15:41 31 Jan 2011

I have tried the free version of VMware Player, click here. I run XP in a virtual machine and also have separate vm's with different versions of Linux that I am trying before deciding which one I prefer. The advantage over dual booting is that it does not interfere with your main OS. If you un install you are back to normal.

  SparkyJack 16:36 31 Jan 2011

is a feature of XP and earlier.
With this the machine can be set to run as earler version of the O/S you have- thus allowing 'Legacy' programs to run.
To be found in Programs/Accessories/System Tools

Is this not a feature of '7'?
Take a look here
click here

  canarieslover 18:23 31 Jan 2011

This does not seem to be one of the best features of Win7 and is the reason I adopted a virtual machine so that I could also run XP without dual booting. I have a couple of 'old' programs that run perfectly under XP & Vista 32bit but no amount of experimenting with Compatability Wizard would enable them to work with Win7 Home Premium.

  robin_x 18:52 31 Jan 2011

I had minor problems with Office2000 Word and Excel.
Fixed now but took ages to find.
(Don't select XP SP3 or Run As Admin in Compatibility)

Also of course OpenOffice is alternative.

Nero6 total no-go. Nero "Find a solution" says "Buy the latest Nero you skinflint".

I switched to Ashampoo (Free)

Many Freeware apps here. It's a good site for a browse anyway.

Select Freeware Categories on Home Page
click here

  robin_x 18:52 31 Jan 2011

What other progs do you and others find probs with exactly?

  SudokuKid 15:14 01 Feb 2011

Thanks for all the replies, unfortunately the edition of XP I have is OEM so I don't have an installation disc. Also my Win7 edition does not have a compatability wizard and I cannot download one. I downloaded and installed VM player but it asks for the XP disc. Is there any way I can take the windows XP system of my old computer ?

Thanks again for all your suggestions ZudokuKid

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