How can one make an animated drawing

  [email protected] 00:56 05 Oct 2005

Is it possible to make an animated drawing ?? NOT an animation as such, such as a world that revolves, but a drawing that for simplisity lets describe as a drawing of some straight lines that are joined by 'hinged' joint some maybe at the end, others somewere along the length of another. Maybe a better way to describe would be something similar to a piece of garden expanding trellis
Any clues or am I as usual just being blinded by simple science ???

regards JR

  AndySD 01:19 05 Oct 2005

You need to make an "animated gif" a search on google will help you here.

  rubella 01:41 05 Oct 2005

About as simple as simple gets is to load a stack of .gif images into Unfreeze2.1 click here . Think of each .gif as a fame or a page on a flick book. Adjust the timing and hit make.

  [email protected] 15:57 05 Oct 2005

Hi. Thanks for the input, but I was thinking on a different line. Let us for example take a shape done in say Serif Draw plus 7 and then chose the 'warp' tool. you can then change the shape. is it not possible then to draw a line then add another line to it at a different angle on one end, and then say add another line to the end of that one. We then have 3 lines ( links) a middle one with another lline at each end and somehow attachecd as hinges. Then I want to be able to move either of the end ones in whatever 'arc' they will go from the attached point or if I move the centre one the end ones will move as though hinged to it. ( 3 pieces of meccano strip joined by nuts & bolts to the centre bit. but NOT joined to make a closed figure like a triangle )
any clues ??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:10 05 Oct 2005

click here reading material.

Using MSpaint click here

Using java click here

  woodchip 16:36 05 Oct 2005

Canvas 8 on this months PCA mag should do it

  Simsy 17:07 05 Oct 2005

the effect you describe is what is known as "morphing".

Do a google search for suitable tools.



  johnnyrocker 17:09 05 Oct 2005

click here


  [email protected] 18:09 05 Oct 2005

Maybe I am using the word ' Animated' when I should be possibly using another word which escapes me at this moment. What I want to do is design something that involves the item needing to fold up and unfold. So what I want to do is design this item using a line drawing and be able to "move" the design with the 'mouse' select at a 'handle' point on the drawing , to see if the folding works as it should. I dont want to create an animated movie which is what all the links shown seem to take me too.

Sorry if my description was unclear

  lotvic 18:51 05 Oct 2005

Is this what you want to do? I have just drawn a 'garden trellis' in msPaint then I selected it so that it was enclosed in dotted line box, then I grabbed the top righthand corner box (cursor turned into diagonal two headed arrow) and dragged it diagonally to elongate the selection and my 'trellis' expanded as if it was hinged and kept in proportion to the length of each line.

  grey george 19:32 05 Oct 2005

If you want to check out that what you have drawn will work correctly as a piece of real world engineering, I think you may need a computer aided design package like autocad. These are often very expensive. How about cardboard pins and scissors.

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