How can noise levels at my home using my PC

  madmartyr 14:01 05 Jul 2006

I need some help plz, Is there anyway I can record noise(My dog barking) levels in my house. Next door keep complaining about my dog barking and I really don't think its as bad as they are making out.

If it can be done what hardware/software do I need amd whats the cheapest way?

I have spare 120gb harddrive I can use.

  woodchip 14:04 05 Jul 2006

Best and cheapest way is gag the dog. It needs teaching not to bark all the time. As monitoring it will not make it quieter

  woodchip 14:06 05 Jul 2006

I have two Boarder Collies but don't have that problem. They do there job but not making unnecessary noise

  jimv7 14:12 05 Jul 2006
  Belatucadrus 14:26 05 Jul 2006

To have any relevance, your measurements need to be made with a suitably calibrated sound level meter. this is an expensive bit of kit and isn't really going to help. The neighbour clearly finds the noise irritating and no statistics or figures you provide are going to change this. I'd either try and cure the barking click here or accept that you're never going to agree and wait until he/she escalates things to the council noise abatement officer.

  namtas 14:37 05 Jul 2006

To make or defend your a case you would have to record the sound using a recording meter and measure the level in decibels, can be hired but expensive. A simple tape recorder would record the sound but the level could not be determined from that as far as I am aware. The more responsible action would be to seek advice as to what or why are your dogs barking. It is not normal behaviour for a dog to bark without cause.

  pj123 16:13 05 Jul 2006

I have a (fully trained) German Shepherd Dog. She only barks when someone approaches the house (day or night).

Your best bet would be to ask your neighbour to contact the local council and complain. They will then test the sound levels and issue you with a report/result. If it is excessive you will need to do something about it.

I find round here that the birds make more noise (at 5am) than anything else, but what do you do about that?

  Graham ® 16:27 05 Jul 2006

The council will give your neighbour a log to fill in for two weeks. If there is a pattern, an officer will call at a time when they will be most likely to hear the noise.

  Stuartli 16:33 05 Jul 2006

A dog behaviour expert will quickly solve your problem of the dog barking or you can read it up by visiting the local library.

As woodchip points out, his dogs only bark as and when necessary (i.e. defending yours and their territory).

  Hertz Van Rentyl 16:36 05 Jul 2006

Do they pay rent.

  pj123 16:38 05 Jul 2006

Strange isn't it that you can complain about noise from domestic animals/birds (dogs, chickens, cockerels etc) but not about wild animals/birds.

My next door neighbour keeps chickens and did have a couple of cockerels. Someone complained about the noise from the cockerels and he had to put them down. But as said above the wild birds (pigeons mostly) made more noise than either of his two cockerels.

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