How can I view jpeg images on a television?

  Griffon 22:24 06 May 2003

Sometimes it would be convenient to display standard jpeg images on the TV in my living room. Anyone know how to do this? Is it possible, for example, to write jpegs to a DVD or CD disk in a format suitable for viewing via a standard DVD player? ....are there alternative solutions?

  Pesala 22:39 06 May 2003

The freeware graphics program Irfan view click here will create slideshows from graphic images on your PC. These can be burned to CD as an executable file or Screen Saver. Not sure about the next stage, though I am sure it is possible.

  hssutton 22:45 06 May 2003

Try this it's freeware and very easy to use click here

  PA28 23:00 06 May 2003

Ulead DVD Pictureshow is simple quick and easy. Will accomodate 99 slides per show and you can have lots of them on a single CD-R. Plays on many ordinary DVD players (but check yours first!).

Because of its' stark simplicity I use this program whenever I come in with a lot of pictures that the family want to see - on recent return from holiday I processed over 150 digipics, wrote them to CD and had them onscreen all within 10 minutes.

  Griffon 06:46 07 May 2003

Thanks folks. I'll investigate your suggestions...... It looks like software is available and that the most important thing is to check that the DVD player reads CDs of the right format. I assume that's VCD format - are there others?

  siouxah1 13:03 07 May 2003

Check here for compatibility. Not guaranteed!

click here

You will be looking for CDR and VCD. SVCD if you intend to use it.

Regards Brian j

  PA28 19:09 10 May 2003

.... and VCD.2. Make sure that you make this a condition of sale, as there's many that don't like VCDs. Once DVD writers and disks come down a bit more in price, life will be simpler. It'll be here soon!

  Mad Boy 20:20 10 May 2003

could the image be any format?

I.e does the type have to be *.Jpeg?

can it be *.gif, *.bmp *.png?

Thanks, i collect a lot of photos & images too, its easier to store them externally and not on the PC (especially as i have a low spec)

  Qmar 21:51 10 May 2003

irfanview (and many others) will interconvert formats anyway.

( ur not related to madboy33™ ?)

  Kryten 00:58 11 May 2003

A lot of the new MP3 compatible DVD Players will read JPEG images directly of off a CD without any other software. You just need to make sure the images are to a standard compression as they have problems reading nonstandard files.

  Griffon 19:57 11 May 2003

That is interesting Kryten. Could you explain "standard compression" a bit more?

... and in answer to Mad Boy - no not necessarily JPEG I guess but Fuji digital cameras save in this format and it's the one I tend to use.

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