How Can I Undelete a Partition?

  s99Raj 22:14 29 Oct 2006

I have a 120 GB Slave drive which I partitioned into roughly two 60 GB drives using Partition Magic 8; )the first part had a corrupted version of XP Prof on it). Onto the new partition I copied across some important stuff I wanted to keep and then wanted to install a new version of XP on the first main partition.

It all went well until I put this drive as a Master into a nother computer and tried to install XP on it. The setup only saw one partition of roughly 120 GB in size. The partition I had created had gone. When I set it as a slave again and put it into another computer running XP Prof, I saw only one partition, and it was empty! Is there any way of undeleting a partition? I tried using Partition Magic but it labelled the drive as "bad" and couldn't undelete any partitions.

  Technotiger 22:23 29 Oct 2006

Hi, not completely sure, but I think if you put the drive back into the original computer you might then be able to sort it. Worth a try anyway I guess.


  s99Raj 22:25 29 Oct 2006

Yes, I did try putting it back in the original computer but it just won't boot. I get some message saying that no operating system is present.

  ed-0 22:34 29 Oct 2006

why do you want to undelete the partition?

Don't you want to access the important information or have you backed this up? Do you need to save this information.

If you just want to take the hard drive back to it's 120Gb size. Then forget about PM8.0 just use XP's built in partitioning and formating tools.

Either pop it into the machine you originally worked with it as per Technotiger. Or just hook it as slave to a XP installation. Right click my computer > manage > disk management. Select the drive. What are the settings. If both partitions are showing, then right click them and delete the partition. You would then have an unallocated disk of one partition. You could then right click the drive and create a new partition via the wizard. that should bring the disk back to a 120Gb usable hard drive.

thats if things go well. If there is problems in that things don't show, post back.

  Technotiger 22:35 29 Oct 2006

Hmmm - perhaps if you used Fdisk on floppy, put the floppy into drive and then switch on computer, at least it should start and you may be able to effect a salvage job of some sort.
A few other hints/suggestions here -

click here

  s99Raj 22:51 29 Oct 2006

I had partitioned it, and copied important data to it. Now I need the data back. I can't understand why it suddenly went when not long ago i was looking at the two partitions and the data in them.

I tried Disk Management but it sees the disk as one lare partition.

The command "diskpart" only shows one partition too.

  skidzy 23:01 29 Oct 2006

Not sure if this will help,but certainly worth a try click here

  ed-0 23:03 29 Oct 2006

" Now I need the data back."

have you not made a different backup. External hard drives are notorious for failing when you don't want them to.

" I tried Disk Management but it sees the disk as one lare partition."

Does it show as 120Gb?

the same with diskpart, 120Gb?

  s99Raj 23:10 29 Oct 2006

Yes, ed-0 Disk Management shows it up as 120 GB, and I'd only made one backup. I was about to make another when this happened.

At the moment I'm trying Acronis Recovery Expert which says it will try to find deleted partitions. Otherwise some other Data Recovery program will probably find a whole load of files, most of which probably won't be the ones I want, but worth trying. Undeleting a partition would be the best for me because all I want is on there.

  ed-0 23:12 29 Oct 2006

see if you can rebuild the partition then. Read this click here and use this click here

if you can rebuild, make sure you write your important data to another media. DVD disks are quite good, I rely on them more than an external hard drive.

  s99Raj 23:18 29 Oct 2006

Thanks - it's worth trying I guess.

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