How can I turn on my computer again please ???

  Antonio Machado 04:16 28 Dec 2008

Hello experts from all around the world !

My friends I am in shock: I have a DELL Precision 360 with two Hard Drives of 500 GB and 4 GB of RAM, I never turn it off since I use it a lot at all times. Well my friends last night it happened the unexpectable: after I defragmented my Hard Drives (which I make once per week) and I cleaned my Recycle Bin, I re-started it as I always do. O.K., then it appeared from nowhere a medium size black color rectangle occupying around 1/3 of my screen and the mouse didn't work properly, I mean the arrow was very erratic and I couldn't even to point it out the "Start" buttom; so the only option I had was unplug everything from the wall (actually from my dedicated Sub Station), hoping that any problem will be cleared afger that re-start.

But after I connected the PC back to the Substation and I pushed the "on/off" buttom of my console nothing happened, it just did not work at all. So now my friends now I have no PC at all. I am writting this post from the laptop of my daughter.

I wonder if the problem has something to happen with the Power Supply ? although I have four 21" CRT monitors I have had never one single problem with it before. Or perhaps the problem has something to do with the battery of the PC ?

I don't know what the problem is, so please help me my friends, I am lost without my PC...

Thanks in advance for your insights and suggestions.

Best, Antonio.

  brundle 09:53 28 Dec 2008

Yes, sounds like PSU. It's under the greatest strain when powering everything up.

  Pamy 09:56 28 Dec 2008

Hi, can you check that there is an output from your sub station to start with?

  howard64 10:09 28 Dec 2008

the starting point is as Pamy suggests do you have an output? then unplug your pc and plug it back in again making sure you have a good connection. If still nothing open the case and look to see if there is a green led alight on the motherboard [assuming it is a modern pc] if there is no light it looks as though brundles idea of the psu having failed is the way to go. Be very careful as some dell pc systems have purpose built psu which have different connections to standard and an ordinary psu could blow your mobo. If you have or can borrow another psu check the wire colours of the main mobo connection before plugging it in. Should you have the light on the mobo then try unplugging any external device your system can do without as these sometimes can cause a pc to fail to boot.

  Graham. 10:18 28 Dec 2008

Check there are no cards, SD for instance, in the card reader.

  Antonio Machado 23:21 07 Jan 2009

Hello experts !

Thanks to all of you amigos for making time to give me your suggestions and advices. The problem was the Power Supply: I had a 360 watts and I have been adding several peripherals so it crashed, now I installed a 500 watts and everything is working fine.

Please mark this topic as "solved".



  brundle 00:03 08 Jan 2009

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