How can i store my printer without it being ruined

  Rickyv 13:39 19 Feb 2005

I dont need to use my printer until i go to university so i want to store it. How do i go about doing this so that it doesnt get ruined by e.g. ink drying on the heads?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:17 19 Feb 2005

What printer is it? HPs have the printer head on the cartridge so will require something different to others.

If you have the space, it might be worth keeping it in use - print a test page every now and again to keep it alive.

  JonnyTub 14:22 19 Feb 2005

If it is an hp, use a bit of sellotape or better still electrical tape to seal the cartridges. Other than that i can only agrre with Diodorus Siculus, print a test page off every week in draft mode to keep the printhead in condition

  Rickyv 14:40 19 Feb 2005

nah its an epson, and i cant print off a test page every now and then because i dont have room in my room to fit the printer in anymore. Is there no way i can just keep the thing in a cupboard for a few years?

  wallbash 14:51 19 Feb 2005

Take the print cartridges out ( throw away) take a chance it works in a few years. Prices seem to be dropping all the time . When It comes time for a replacement , you will pick up something that might surprize all of us.
Or give /flog printer now, save cupboard space!

  Diodorus Siculus 15:01 19 Feb 2005

Stick it in the cupboard for a few years - better for the environment than landfill at least.

  2neat 15:06 19 Feb 2005

not worth storing for a few years. Get rid & save the space.

  wee eddie 15:50 19 Feb 2005

In a couple of years it will be antediluvian anyway, both you and printers will have moved on.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:52 19 Feb 2005

Bin it.


  Diodorus Siculus 15:55 19 Feb 2005

antediluvian - big word for a little man!

  Completealias 16:02 19 Feb 2005

I have an epson that I didn't use 4 a couple of months and the print heads started to get blocked in that space of time so shouldn't think it i'll survive being stored sell it and get a new one when u get 2 uni thats what i'd do

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