how can i stop people from copying my pics ?

  DrLector 10:41 05 Aug 2008

is there a way that when i upload pics on ebay or facebook there is anyway that i could protect them from being copied, ie when you hover over a pic, right click and go to save ,it wont let you do it, i know its possible as iv found that out when i tried to save a pic of something iv just one on ebay, it wouldn't let me copy it, anyway it would be very helpful to have such a program

thanks for any help

pleas pleas don't reply with "don't upload the pics"

  rdave13 10:53 05 Aug 2008

Found this but never used it or how much it costs; click here

  rdave13 11:33 05 Aug 2008

Here's another one; click here

  Seth Haniel 11:48 05 Aug 2008

afraid if you can see picture you can get it

just by 'print screen' and paste into irfanview or similar and save

  rdave13 12:02 05 Aug 2008

Use something like Paint.Net to put a watermark on it.

  gazzaho 12:03 05 Aug 2008

You could watermark the picture, that way you would at least be credited for taking it.

  User2008 12:47 05 Aug 2008

Watermark it.

That's the best and esy way, just load it into paint and write your ebay ID on a part that it would be hard to remove from.

  Jak_1 13:44 05 Aug 2008

Don't use high quality pics, downgrade them using a graphics program, even the basic ones can do this. As rdave13 says, put a watermark on the pic. A copyright sign + your name will surfice, try to put it as near to the centre of the pic as possible but without detracting from the product you are trying to sell.

  carmichy 13:56 05 Aug 2008

Now living in the Philippines I visited the UK Embassy website on line and I was not allowed to copy or paste any thing. It told me I was a very bad boy to even think of trying to copy and paste. I am looking for a conclusion to this thread

  MAJ 14:09 05 Aug 2008

There is no way to definitively protect the pictures you upload to the web. As has been stated above, the best you can do is fool the uninitiated by disabling right-click and other similar methods. If they can be seen, they can be copied/downloaded. Watermark them or upload a thumbnail version. But I suspect you already know the only way of protecting them is by doing what you told no one to suggest.

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