How can I stop my printer carriage from dithering?

  `Ner` 09:30 26 Sep 2004

When I have printed one page the printer carriage just keeps moving back and forward on its run,but only about a quarter of the distance. This goes on for 10 mins or so. then I have to shut down and start all over again.I have uninstalled etc but to no good result.What can i DO?

  Pesala 10:50 26 Sep 2004

What is your printer model? Which Operating System? Go to the manufacturer's website to look for updates.

  jack 14:45 26 Sep 2004

As Pesala says
Need to know more about the printer and the system.
It initially sounds like spool or cache problem that is the reserved area where the data for the printer is collected before passing to printer is not big enough for the print job, so the machine dithers whilst the computer catches up.
Bur more detail before a definitive answer please.

  `Ner` 19:45 29 Sep 2004

Thanks for your help Sorry I forgot - I am using Windows Me and my printer is a Lexmark Z34 hope this is all you need Ner

  jack 19:49 29 Sep 2004

That helps a little .
How much memory about 64 Mb I wager?
Go yo My Computer,Help, type in the field
'Virtual Memory' follow the links to that panel.
Increase the size of the virtual memory.
Please report back what is happening

  fitcher 22:02 29 Sep 2004

you know .I always spray a little silicon //into a lid and with a small paint brush paint the bar going across .never ever use oil or vasaline ,the cockpit spray used for cars is also ok //but do not quote me //silly me I have done it for years

  fitcher 22:04 29 Sep 2004

second thoughts ..sounds like the teeth on the belt could be worn or jumped a few

  Eamonncw 23:00 29 Sep 2004

`NER`, I hope this doesn`t sound daft to you, but when did you last have your printer serviced? they do need that sort of attention and it doesn`t always cost an arm and a leg.

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