How can I stop annoying popup after IE8 hangs

  eedcam 18:58 22 Mar 2012

Periodically on youtube IE8 goes into non responding mode .I have to close via Task manager which closes all Tabs . Then when I open explorer again I have to choose twixt going to the disturbed session or my homepage .Jeez why would anyone go back to a page that gave aproblem and if they did surely that would be after they reopened Explorer on their homepage first .Is there anyway to disable this feature

  rdave13 20:29 22 Mar 2012

Try internet options, advanced tab and untick the box for 'enable automatic crash recovery' under the browsing heading.

  eedcam 09:45 23 Mar 2012

Thanks RDave that seems to work at least did this morning Ta

  clock 09:59 23 Mar 2012

Found this very interesting as I've been having a lot of trouble recently with Internet Explorer 8 "not responding", then the annoying message on re-try, so I now know what to do about it!

However, my problem with Explorer 8 became terminal, couldn't use it at all, so, as suggested in another ongoing thread, I reset it. Now it is running in "no add-ons" mode and has only faulted once since.

Question: is their a bigger problem with Internet Explorer 8 as there are quite a few of us having issues??

  Graham* 11:04 23 Mar 2012

Those of us on Firefox don't have any such problems:-)

  rdave13 16:13 23 Mar 2012

eedcam, sorry to hijack the thread a bit but to answer clock, I use IE8 on a tiny netbook with XP and hasn't given me the 'not responding' message yet. I've the usual addons, java, flash, McAfee site advisor, etc and even trusteer rapport. What I don't have is an ad-blocker. I use Spywareblaster only for that. Security is M.S.E. with Malwarebytes and SAS free versions. Just thinking it could be something to do with Security software or your addons that crash IE?

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