How can i send folders by email?

  triflesterms 18:30 16 Apr 2007


I need to send a folder as an attachment in an email but hotmail & yahoo wont allow folders only files.
Is there a way i can send folders by email?


  jimv7 18:33 16 Apr 2007

Right click on the folder, 'send to compressed file'(me, win 2000, xp has this} then add the compressed folder to your email.

  Legolas 18:34 16 Apr 2007

click here this might do the trick

  triflesterms 19:29 16 Apr 2007

sorted it with compressed file

Thanx alot

  triflesterms 12:45 17 Apr 2007

My friend told me he couldnt open zipped attachment, he said he got message saying the file was corrupeted, i tried a few times & kept getting it, panda is ok but the other person needs to download to, is there any other way i can do this?
I dont want the other person to have to download some program to open.


  GroupFC 13:28 17 Apr 2007

As jimv7 says, why not just zip them up into one folder using Winzip (or something similar) and then send that to your friend (or have I missed soemthing here?).

All he/she has to do then is unzip them and Bob is your mother's brother!

  Technotiger 13:38 17 Apr 2007

HI, I have very recently used jimv7's method for the first time, works great. No unzipping is need, when recipient clicks on the Zip-file it just opens in a folder and this is then simply opened in the normal way. No need to use Winzip, it is all auromatic.

  Technotiger 13:40 17 Apr 2007

automatic ... not auromatic - smells nice tho :-)

  GroupFC 15:56 17 Apr 2007

Um - but when I try that all I get in the e-mail is a .lnk file (with the little arrow), which i assume is just a shortcut to the folder.

Mind you it might be something to do with TUGZip, which I have recently installed as there are all sorts of other options as well when I right click (when I have a bit more time I'll have to investigate further!).

  sunny staines 19:41 17 Apr 2007

good tip by jimv7, noted.

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