how can i see my pics again ? !!!!

  joeltr 14:27 23 Oct 2003

i think i have deleted a file that allowed me to view my snaps in a picture browser, i put them onto disk, and then deleted the file from my pc,i like to keep tidy and every now and again i go through my files and start deleting anything i think is taking up space, i dont really know what im doing yet,but i put my disk in to have a look at them, but unfortunately a box came up telling me to re-install rgt007.dll sorry but i havnt got a clue how to go about it, i would be grateful for any help or advice, thanks, joel

  GroupFC 15:21 23 Oct 2003

I am fairly new to all this myself but..... I think rgt007.dll is a file needed with greenstreet software (a google search for this brought two hits both pointing to, one in german and one in french!.

If you have the software disks you could have a look for this on them (goodness knows what you do with it when you find it though, I think it depends on your operating system).

I have Greenstreet software on my system and I have this file in c:\windows\system32 (on XP home).

I hope this is of some help!

  Gongoozler 15:31 23 Oct 2003

joeltr, as an alternative, download and install the superb Irfanview picture viewer from click here. This really is an amazing piece of software and it's completely free.

  GroupFC 15:39 23 Oct 2003

Now why didn't I think of that!

  Stuartli 16:18 23 Oct 2003

Or run SFC (Start>Run> type in SFC and OK.

When it prompts you for the missing file use your software CD-ROM and point to it.

But Irfanview is a superb utility and I use it all the time.

One of the forum members has a website with loads of help and advice on Irfanview - perhaps he/she will guide us to it again.

  Gongoozler 17:28 23 Oct 2003

Hi Stuartli, it was by Pesala, and this is his site click here

  joeltr 19:36 23 Oct 2003

very sorry everyone, i posted my thread but had to attend to something, just got back, will try irfanview, thanks everyone, joel

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