How can I restore Windows XP theme?

  Corringdon 00:38 12 Mar 2006

My friend used my machine the other day and I now find that my taskbar and title bars have the Windows Classic look. I would like to restore the Windows XP look but it is no longer listed under the APPEARANCE of DISPLAY PROPERTIES. Microsoft's site offers no solutions so I am open to any advice.

  pifko 00:40 12 Mar 2006

Right-click on the desktop, head to properties.

From here, go to the 'themes' tab and choose "windows xp" (or whatever it says). IMO I find the XP theme vulgar, heh, each to their own and all that.

  Corringdon 01:05 12 Mar 2006

Thanks Pifko but I've been down that road. All that's listed under the THEMES tab is Windows Classic, More themes, and Browse.

  remind 06:06 12 Mar 2006

Try this instead - still a `blue` theme, way nicer than Luna (the default one) click here

  mattyc_92 10:58 12 Mar 2006

I had this problem when I was messing around with my machine to look like vista..

I fixed it through a run command
Go to Start->Run and type in "sfc /scannow" (without quotations but notice the space) and press enter

You will need your WinXP installation disc.

  BRYNIT 11:07 12 Mar 2006

Have you tried system restore.

  jimv7 14:11 12 Mar 2006

Right click on the start button/properties tick the start menu box.

  Corringdon 05:01 14 Mar 2006

mattyc_92 - afraid that didn't make any difference. BRYNIT - sorry, that didn't work either. jimv7 - no luck there unfortunately. remind - thanks for the link, I'll try it. Thank you all for your suggestions.

  rawprawn 07:13 14 Mar 2006

click here Scroll down to Themes (won't load or only Classic is visible)

  watchful 07:24 14 Mar 2006

Have you tried Control Panel, top left panel - 'Switch to Category View'? as you are now on 'Classic View.'

  Corringdon 13:25 14 Mar 2006

Thank you all for your suggestions. The problem was resolved by CONTROL PANEL>ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS>SERVICES and scrolling down to the THEMES tab. The service had been stopped and on clicking START and using DISPLAY PROPERTIES the XP theme was re-activated.

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