How can I reprogram a fake usb flash drive

  chris 18:08 22 Oct 2008

I have a fake 32gb usb flash drive.
It's 4gb but thinks it's 32gb.
I used the program on ebay that duplicates bitmap images onto the key till it is full up to establish its real size.
How can I reprogram it so xp recognises its true size and so that it works normally.

  Technotiger 18:11 22 Oct 2008

Right-click on it and choose Format - FAT32

  chris 19:23 22 Oct 2008

If only it was that easy.
Full format results in no change
XP sees it as 32gb.
It will only hold about 4gb of files after that it creates 'shell' files so it appears to be filling up with files but after 4gb they are all corrupted. Also if you try to load a large file on it say in this case 3.5gb that file will also be corrupted.
Formatting makes no difference.
As I understand it the program on the chip that distributes files put onto to it and records where they are. That bit of programing has been altered to make the chip appear larger than it is.
It is that program that I need to correct.

  Technotiger 19:26 22 Oct 2008

Hmm, in that case I personally would not waste my time with it - I would repair it with a large lump-hammer!!

  jack 19:40 22 Oct 2008

The Hammer cure seems to be the best route.

However as an intellectual exercise I wonder if a search of the web will reveal a fudge that will do this?
I visualize it being a download similar to 'upping' a BIOS or Optical Drive.
It must be reversible I would think.

  jack 19:43 22 Oct 2008
  chris 19:50 22 Oct 2008

Lump-hammer does'nt appeal.

Its a perfectly good 4gb drive, just programmed wrong.
I've tried google but all the relevant result lead to dodgy looking file sharing sites that that I'm not willing to join and log onto.

Yes as far as I can see this is similar to updating the bios on a Pc.

Someone must know how to do this.

There are lots of these fakes about. I'm sure Im not the only person who the answer would help.

  Jollyjohn 19:56 22 Oct 2008

You could try downloading the HP USB Format tool from click here

  chris 20:15 22 Oct 2008

No that is just another route to formating.

I do note that this discussion is already number 2 on a google search result.
Must be lots of people interested in the answer.

Before I posted this question - I came accross some links to a program called ' alcor llf '
The program is all in chinese but looked like it might work
Its on a site called ' '
Can that be trusted
Has anyone used that program

  Zeppelyn 20:48 22 Oct 2008

Why not use a format tool so that a partition is created equal to the usuable portion, you can then forget about the rest. Personally I would replace with new.

  jack 08:28 23 Oct 2008

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