How can I record audio from any site?

  buel 20:31 26 Jan 2014

Hi, Please can I ask if there is an easy way to record audio from any site? I have two PCs, one XP and one Vista.

Here is the site: click here all.


  buel 21:23 26 Jan 2014

Thank you. I have that on my vista laptop but it records all the external sounds too, like me talking.

  lotvic 22:48 26 Jan 2014

You need to choose 'stereo mix' as the input. Read the Tutorial Lazarus The 2nd linked to.

some cards have that disabled, you may have to hunt for how to enable it for your sound card.

Can you list the Sound Cards you have and their Driver Versions please then we can advise if a workaround has been found.

  buel 19:02 27 Jan 2014

Hi and thank you so much for that.

I now have Audacity recording but it seems to be only recording off the 'L' and not the 'R' too, as in one speaker? Please could I ask for some help here?

  buel 19:04 27 Jan 2014

Ok, when it plays back it is playing on both the L and R but my next problem is that it wont record when I mute the volume, is there any way I can mute the volume on my laptop and still record?

  buel 21:14 27 Jan 2014

Damn, when i save as MP3 (Or any format) it says it will only save in mono. Is there something Im doing wrong please?

  buel 06:14 28 Jan 2014

Thank you so much for that!!!

  Batch 14:01 28 Jan 2014

If you are trying to record the sound tracks off YouTube clips, there are various sites that will extract the sound track and convert them to MP3 files for you to download - a lot simpler than using Audacity.

Just google: youtube to mp3

  lotvic 15:49 28 Jan 2014

So I thought, it's a lot of messing about with Audacity - there must be an easier way to grab the podcast mp3.

There is, rightclick on the page that's playing it and choose 'Save Page As' choose 'Web Page Complete' and save it to a folder in 'My Documents'. Now when you look at that folder in Windows Explorer you will see inside the folder 'Playlist index files' there is the MP3 audio file saved and that you can now play

So that led me to think again must be another easier way, and there is, I came up with:

On the new page where you listen to it - pause the audio - rightclick the page and choose 'View Page Info'

click on the 'Media Tab' and scroll down the column 'Types' to the 'Audio' mp3 -

click on it to highlight it and then click on 'Save As' and save it to your pc.

Play it back in VLC or Windows Media Player or whatever you use for your mp3 files.

  lotvic 16:08 28 Jan 2014

ps: I did the above using Firefox browser.

  lotvic 16:47 29 Jan 2014

Hi buel, hope the above helped with the mp3 files from the sciencefriday site you linked to.

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