How can I print the content of an email?

  stlucia2 10:57 23 May 2013

I've just created, and sent, an email to multiple (5) addresses, using Outlook Express. I want to print a hard copy of the email for my records, but when I go to "Print" all I get is the "From", "To", "Sent", and "Subject" lines, without the main message. I've told it to print all pages, in the print dialogue box.

I've just checked using an older sent email, and it prints out in full. The only thing different about the current one is that its message was cut and pasted from a Word document, so the text is using a different font from the default (and only, I think) OE font.

I've also forwarded the current message to another of my own email accounts, and when I try to print that received copy using OE I get the same result. Seems that the message, though visible on the screen, is invisible to the printer. Any suggestions how I can remedy this, please? I seem not to be able to change the font style in OE.

  onthelimit1 11:10 23 May 2013

Hmm, strange. I've just tried copying and pasting into a new document in Outlook. When I print, I get the text but nothing else - the complete opposite to you!

  rdave13 11:19 23 May 2013

Do you have Microsoft XPS document writer you can "print" to. Try printing it to that then print out from the XPS document.

  lotvic 12:11 23 May 2013

With the email open, and within the email top menu click on 'File' | 'Save As' and - depending on the format of the email - you will get some options. If .txt or unicode text is there in the dropdown 'Save as Type' box, choose one of those and save it to your Desktop (so you can find it easily) this file will then open with Notepad. Or you could try the HTML (when you open the saved HTML file it will open in your browser)

  stlucia2 12:11 23 May 2013

rdave13, I've just tried printing to .xps, but when I then go to Word to open it, I get an error message, "Microsoft Office cannot open this file because some parts are missing or invalid".

But I've just tried printing it to Adobe PDF instead, and that works :-)

I'm still curious though why I can't print direct, so further discussion would be welcome.

  rdave13 12:16 23 May 2013

Sorry, I thought you only needed a hard copy of it. With XPS simply select file and print for your hard copy.

  stlucia2 07:42 24 May 2013

Sorry, I'm not with you there rdave13: XPS appears as a virtual printer when I open the print dialogue box, so when I "print" to it it creates a file, just like Adobe PDF does. To print the file it's created, I have to open it, don't I?

Anyway, that begs the question; what has gone wrong (or have I done wrong) so that OE won't print part of an email that's displayed on the screen?

  wiz-king 07:58 24 May 2013

The reason it does not print is because the email contains a box from the database that generates the reply it is not all one lot of text. You could try changing it to a text email not html but I'm not sure that it would work.

  lotvic 09:03 24 May 2013

Rightclick on the email and choose 'Properties' | 'Details' tab and 'Message Source' | then click inside that and press Ctrl+A to copy all, and paste into Notepad.

Do the same with the old one that prints ok.

Now compare the two Notepad text documents for differences, that may give you some clues.

  rdave13 09:16 24 May 2013

This is the way I do it. Selecting the virtual XPS as a printer I get a dialogue box up and I usually save to desktop after naming. The document will open if you double click it and top left select file and print. This time selecting the printer. Being a bit mean I just burn the important emails to CD as a copy.

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