how can i make DVD change region unlimited times

  john_here 14:08 12 Jul 2004

I have an HP NX9105 and it says it can only change region 4 times before it locks on the last one. is there anyway to stop it locking so i can watch all of my DVDs?

cheers for any help

  SEASHANTY 14:40 12 Jul 2004

See if any of the links on this Google webpage are of any help
click here
I haven't tried any of them because my domestic dvd players and recorders are multi-region. You can obtain a decent multi-region dvd player for £40
click here

I'm not sure what program you're using to view the DVDs.

I found that WinDVD wanted to lock after five changes of region.

But using Windows Media Player I have hopped from Region 1, to Region 2 to Region 4 many times and there has been no problem on my Sony laptop.

Are you sure it's a hardware and not a software issue?

  Smiler 15:32 12 Jul 2004

What is the model number of the dvd?

  SEASHANTY 16:01 12 Jul 2004

All PC DVD-ROM drives come with five changes. Most are already locked on region 2 (Europe) when you purchase them so there is usually just the 4 changes
left. DVD Genie was supposed to overcome this by using a software application to overcome this problem. I am extremely surprised if Windows Media Player will let you do this - knowing how keen MS are in sticking to the rules for everything.

  SEASHANTY 16:09 12 Jul 2004

Another Google page with info
click here
Be wary of firmware updates to make your drive region free. Many people trying this have ended up with a non working drive. If you are that desparate to keep on changing regions consider installing another DVD-rom (or an external drive). Keep one on
region 2 and the other on region 1. That should satisfy your needs without having to make changes.

  GaT7 16:33 12 Jul 2004

Making Your Software DVD Player Region-Free - click here.

An extract from the above: "Making your software DVD player region free is actually quite easy. While strictly speaking, most of the tools below (except for DVD Region Killer and DVD Region-Free) aren't really making your software DVD player region free, but rather, giving you the ability to change the region settings of these players without decreasing the region-change counter, effectively allowing to change the region settings of the software DVD player for an unlimited number of times. Please note that your DVD-ROM drive will need to be region-free before any of the tools below will work." Good luck, G

  Smiler 18:27 12 Jul 2004

Which means that a firmware revision is needed to make the dvd region free. So what is the model of the dvd so that we can find out if a firmware revision is available.

  john_here 22:31 12 Jul 2004

Thanks for your advise guys, i will check the serial number and get back to you. Im a little worried about a firmware update because the laptop was a gift and i dont want it ruined. is there a way of copying the film to memory before watching it or wont the drive understand the disk unless the region is changed.

speak soon and thanks again

  SEASHANTY 10:03 13 Jul 2004

Check this website click here
Down the page under "Please help" install the
programme listed as "Drive Region Info" which is
underlined in blue. This prog will tell you the name of your drive etc.

  SEASHANTY 10:22 13 Jul 2004

It's also on this website Drive Region Info v2.2
click here

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