How Can I Increase the % In System Resouces.

  OldRed 01:58 25 Mar 2005

My System Resouces is showing that I have just 38% free and I have had warning messages from windows over the past few months.

I am running Windows 98se with 128MB Ram the file system is FAT32.
The hard drives capacity is 18.6GB with 2.95GB used and 15.6 free.

I have unticked most boxes in the system config start menu but the most I've achieved is around the 50 mark but since I installed broadband ( bt yahoo with bt voyager 205 adsl router )as soon as I log on it drops between 25% to 40%.

Would uninstalling some programs help although as you can see there is plenty of room on the hard drive or is my computer under powered now.
( HP Brio BA 600Mhz ) ?



  User-312386 07:28 25 Mar 2005

To be honest you need some more memory (RAM) in there

  Andsome 08:28 25 Mar 2005

To be honest you need some more memory (RAM) in there

It's not expensive

  originalmiscellany 09:05 25 Mar 2005

To be honest you need some more memory (RAM) in there

Try click here

  Yoda Knight 09:27 25 Mar 2005

To be honest I think you get the picture now :)

  MGNM 10:32 25 Mar 2005

OldRed, you could do with more RAM it's true but to avoid confusion System Resources are more to do with your CPU. Increasing that, if your motherboard will take it, will do wonders for your plight.

  Alex-188000 10:36 25 Mar 2005

to see if it is RAM try using a RAM defragment program first. If you notice a slight increase of performance then you know you need to buy some more.

  Wak 16:58 25 Mar 2005

From what I remember reading in the past about system resources, it is a single 64KB file which keeps a record of all the data required to run the programs which are already open or running.
I.E. if you have Word Processing open, it will remember the file it is using, the page layout, where the cursor is at present, etc. so that it can go straight back to where it was before you opened something else. You cannot increase the size of the Resources file, all you can do is reduce the number of programs you have open at the same time.
If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will soon put me on the right track.

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