How can I increase speed on an Internet connection

  281apple 08:59 18 Jan 2011

My PC is on XP. On my Internet connection speed, it is indicated at 11,0Mbts/s and a guy told me that the maximum is 54,0Mbts/s. Why is mine so low and how can I get top speed? I need more speed for Skype with video because when I put my video on my voice is distorted and inaudible. Thanks for any help I can get.

  Graham. 09:32 18 Jan 2011

First step is to disconnect the Ring wire click here

  mgmcc 10:43 18 Jan 2011

You might be getting confused by the speeds quoted. 54Mbps is the speed of 802.11g wireless networking, the speed at which a "g" wireless adapter connects to the router. It *ISN'T* the speed of your internet connection, which you indicate to be 11Mbps and which should be adequate for Skype, although the *upload* speed is also a factor.

  GaT7 14:36 18 Jan 2011

If you already have a 11Mbps connection, & assuming it's consistent, the speed may not be the issue here. Have you contacted Skype about the problem? If yes, what did they say?

Graham., the ring wire fix is unlikely to help a line that's already connecting at 11mbps. G

  Graham. 15:02 18 Jan 2011

Au contraire, it will speed it up.

  onthelimit 15:16 18 Jan 2011

Check the upload speed (you say it's YOUR voice that is the problem) with speedtest click here. 'Twill be interesting to see that upload speed is.

  Woolwell 15:23 18 Jan 2011

Does Skype indicate that the speed is too slow? The latest version of Skype comes up with indicators of connection speed, etc.

  bremner 15:49 18 Jan 2011

The speed of your router is,, as been said probably more than sufficient unless you have an Broadband connection that is faster than 11Mb.

What is you BB speed?

If you do not know go here and find out click here

If it is low you may get another 500Kb-1Mb by doing as Graham suggests

  peter99co 15:57 18 Jan 2011

Good link that.

9363 kbps download and 913 kbps upload.

That is the target chaps.

  GaT7 16:03 18 Jan 2011

Hmmm, a 1Mb increase isn't going to make a difference with a 11mbps connection.

peter99co, this similar one click here will keep a history of your results without having to register. G

  bremner 16:14 18 Jan 2011

My point is

I have a 108Mbps 802.11n router. I have it because it gives a greater range than my previous G router.

My BB speed from BT is now 2.8Mbps. It was under 2Mb before fitting the BT device to my phone line that disconnects the ring wire. That was in effect adding nearly 50% to my BB speed.

Until we know the OP's BB speed it is difficult to give appropriate advice.

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