How can I increase size of my system partition

  Joe G 23:27 16 Mar 2009


I've tried using Vista disc management to reduce the size of my data partition and increase the size of my system partition on my Toshiba laptop and ended up in a mess. I now seem to have reduced the size of my data drive and have an extra partition of about 1Gb which is inaccessible by disc manager - it seems to be unformatted. If I right click on it in disc management it just gives the help prompt. The original partitions were 40Gb each which I have since found out is useless when you have Vista and even just a small number of programmes on the system drive

Is it possible to rescue this sitaution and then extend my system drive wth Vista Disc mangement or do I need a partition manager - if so is there a recommended free one on the web?

Thanks in advance for any help - I am sick of my system disc showing red in the disc capacity view!

Joe G

  mgmcc 23:50 16 Mar 2009

Is the 1GB actually a "partition" or is it Unallocated Space?

If it is a partition, remove the partition to leave Unallocated Space and then expand the "C" drive to take in the Unallocated Space.

  Joe G 21:14 17 Mar 2009

Thanks - the 1.45 Gb partition that has suddenly appeared is an EISA partition and is hatched out- I don't understand what this is - I note another poster has referred to one on a seperate topic. Can I delete it (and if so how) or is it meant to be there! It doesn't respond to the right click on disc management as the system and data partitions do.

Thank again for any help!

  MAT ALAN 21:20 17 Mar 2009

click here

good info here...

  Joe G 21:38 17 Mar 2009

Thanks very much for that - I'll leave it where it is then!! So back to my original question - can I reduce my data partition and extend my system partition in Vista Disc management as last time I just seemed to uncover this hidden partition!

  Babou 21:48 17 Mar 2009

Oooo, that might help me with my EISA problem too ... thanks Mat

  Babou 21:52 17 Mar 2009

No... back to the drawing board. Sigh.

  DieSse 22:12 17 Mar 2009

Whatever you do, don't go messing with partition sizes without doing a full backup first. If it doesn't go perfectly (and these things don't always go to plan) - then goodbye to all data and software.

  Joe G 19:14 18 Mar 2009

Thanks for that advice - I am beginning to think maybe I should leave things alone and just keep ensuring I don't drop to below 3Gb spare space - I don't have a facility to back up so probably safer to wait until I get a external hard drive before I do anything else on this.

One of my problems is that the only game I have on the laptop - Company of Heroes - will only install to the system drive and takes up 5Gb - I tried moving it's folder to the data drive but then got problems playing it - is there any way to instruct it to install to the data drive - unlike most programmes it does not ask where you want to install it to when you insert the disc!

  DieSse 19:43 18 Mar 2009

Try moving your My Docs folder to your larger partition.

Right-click My Documents on the desktop, click Properties - choose Move - make a new folder on your larger partition, and follow the instructions.

If you have a fair-sized My Documents folder, you should get some space back.

Also do a clean-up of unnecessary stuff - using even the Windows Disk Cleanup command will help. A good cleaner such as Wise Disk Cleaner will do even better.

  Joe G 22:20 18 Mar 2009

Thanks for that - I've used Windows cleanup and also CCleaner. Is Wise Disk cleaner better than CC?

I also reduced the number of remembered restore points which gained me a bit of space when I first had the problem not long after getting the laptop

I have 3 accounts on the laptop - something I have just found is be taking a lot of space is the fact that there is a 'Virtual Store' folder for each user account! Can I move these to the larger partition or do they need to stay on the system partition for recovery/restore (I assume that is what they are for)?

Thanks again for the help! I wish I had realised how resource hungry Vista is - I'd have got a bigger HD!

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