How can i improve site for my Father?

  Aol Hater 18:06 11 Jun 2003

My father is starting out a new business venture and i have made him a website can anyone have a look and see how i can improve it? i would be very grateful it is my second attempt at a site so please be as critical as you want. i am ready!
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  slowhand_1000 19:05 11 Jun 2003


For a second attempt at a site I must say well done. You asked for comments so........

The layout on the About Us page looks like it contains about the same amount of information as the home page, but to me seems a lot cleaner.

Seeing as you have the room under your navigation bar why not leave the address and phone number in all the pages. Mind you someone will bound to say its not 'good form' to do that lol.

At first glance the content on the Services page looked bitty. I think a combination of the bullet points, centred text and with the main headings (ie: Accident & Personal higher than Welfare) on differing levels makes it look jumbled up. Keep the bullets but align the text left in the tables.

On the contents page I think things could do with lining up better. Also maybe using the same font for the field headings as you have in the Services page content. It looks a lot cleaner rather than having bold, plain and italic.

When I clicked the link on the map page it did not work.

On the pages you have the 2 blocks 'New Offices' and '20 years experience', one has centred text and the other left aligned.... perhaps do both the same. I see that on the Services page they are the same style.


  Forum Editor 19:50 11 Jun 2003

but you asked for comments, so:-

1. You're asking people to contact you, and your form asks for personal information but you have no privacy policy statement on the site. This is essential, and I suggest that you include a separate page (titled - 'privacy') on which you clearly state how you will protect the personal information that's provided, how you will not pass it to a third party without prior consent, and how an individual may request that his/her data be deleted from your records. Place a hyperlink to the page on the 'Contact us' page, at the top of the form, with the words: 'Before completing the form please read our privacy policy'. Make the words 'privacy policy' into a link to the privacy page.

2. The site is a little short on content. Might I suggest that you include some more images - and perhaps some FAQ's. These are very popular on legal sites, and provide you with an opportunity to publicise your services more fully.

3. A legal site would tend to have more gravitas if it wasn't hosted in free webspace with banner ads. Have you considered buying a domain name and hosting the site in 'proper' server space? It isn't as expensive as you might think.

4. In several instances the font changes - the site will look better if you stick to one font throughout. The headers look good, and perhaps you could consider using Verdana everywhere else.

  User-312386 23:26 11 Jun 2003

For a second attempt------------- WOW

really good, although as above has said it is a freebie web-host and does not really professional

also i assume you have an e-mail address with an ISP who usually give you free web-space

I was wondering if you buy a domain name and then just re-route it via your own web-space rather than a freebie

i have looked up the robertbingham domain and found the .com was has been taken but the one is still available

well done

  powertool 20:35 12 Jun 2003

My only addition is that the logo lets the otherwise professional look down a bit.

Perhaps use the same typeface through-out or choose one which is from the same family. Even better, get a graphic designer to do the whole firm's corporate identity [stationery logo etc.] and incorporate the design in to your site.

Minor points though - you should be proud!

  Aol Hater 20:52 12 Jun 2003

thank you for your comments i plan to make the changees suggessted on sunday as i am off work, i will refresh this then to see if it is any better.

Once again thanks for your suggesstions it really helps

  tbh72 22:33 13 Jun 2003

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  tbh72 22:45 13 Jun 2003

I should have pointed out that I paid an extra 5.oo / year to have the ability to create password protected folder's & https server!!! I think in my humble opinion the https server isn't really suited for business in the form I have brought it as the web address is absurdly long!!! to actually get a server which is literally just https websiteaddress cost alot more as you have to apply for your own certificate which I think cost's in the region of 150.00 / year???

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