How can I ID new graphics card type that is OK?

  Shortstop 19:42 10 May 2007

Un-branded PC; 2.8 Intel Celeron; 736 Mb DIMM RAM; XP {SP2];


I'm considering upgrading my current graphics card [it's an old system] and was wondering how I can ID a card that will be suitable/work/fit.

I have downloaded & run Belarc which advises I have an ASUSTeK P4S800 circuit board and am running a SiS 661FX display adaptor - but nothing else to help me ID a new video card on edbuyer.

All help gratefully received!!



  Belatucadrus 20:03 10 May 2007

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Looks as if it takes an AGP 8X card, so give the experts some idea as to what your budget is and I'm sure they'll advise you on what'll give the most bang for your buck.

  Shortstop 08:58 11 May 2007


  [email protected] 09:12 11 May 2007

i recommend the 7600 series, i am concerned about belatucadrus link. under 'expansion slots' its states 1.5 volt only?
i do not understand this maybe someone can enlighten us?
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  keef66 13:04 11 May 2007

AGP slots are all now 1.5v (only the first generation were 3.3v) so any AGP card will do.

What do you need it to do? What's your budget?

  Totally-braindead 13:15 11 May 2007

Shortstop theres no real point bumping the thread as you haven't given an idea of budget or what you do with the PC.
You have AGP and therefore need an AGP card, what card can only be decided by an idea of your budget and what you wish to do IE are you a gamer?
Also look at your power supply, there will be a label on it post back with the details of that too as depending on the card you pick it may need upgraded.

  Shortstop 14:52 11 May 2007

Hi Totally-braindead Yes there was a point to bumping - only Belatucadrus had replied [many thanks] and, at that point, no-one had asked about budget or use, which was only done about 4 hours later.

I don't play games and the [only] reason for upgrading the AGP card is simply that - upgrading. My current video card only has 32MB support and I just wanted to upgrade this to watch TV online [via Joost or whatever else comes up]. Budget? About £60 ....



  Shortstop 14:55 11 May 2007

Just seen the bit about Power supply. No problem here as I just upgraded that about 2 months ago. Can't be certain on the power output- but I know it is more than is actually being used by the PC at the moment!



  keef66 23:18 11 May 2007

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I'd suggest something like a 6200 based card; no need to spend £60

  woodchip 23:25 11 May 2007

Saphire 9250 is what you need
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  woodchip 23:27 11 May 2007

Sorry wrong card above it should be this one

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The first one will not fit your board

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