How can I get Win XP Pro OEM?

  Gaz W 15:16 09 Apr 2003

I am upgrading a PC and it already has a new(ish) Maxtor 40GB hard disk. I am getting a new mobo/CPU/RAM/graphics card, and want Windows XP Pro. I know it's possible to get Windows XP Professional OEM with a new hard disk, but is there any other hardware I can get it with, e.g. motherboard? Also, where can I find it cheapest? click here is quite expensive. I'm probably asking the impossible here, but is it possible to get it for under £100 including VAT, and if so where?

  €dstow 15:24 09 Apr 2003

Scan do it at £106 inc. If you're not in a desperate hurry, Scan click here have it on the Today Only offers sometimes (like yesterday) when you can get it cheaper. wait for it to come round again.

You should be able to get it legitimately with any substantial piece of hardware - a motherboard will most certainly count.


  Holographic_man 15:32 09 Apr 2003

The cheapest I have seen it for is £117 inc vat not bad at £17 over budget

  Legolas 16:07 09 Apr 2003

£74 on ebay click here

  Gaz W 16:10 09 Apr 2003

Thanks for your suggestions.

One more question - do you have to be a business to be able to get trade prices? I was looking at trying to get trade at Micro Direct (link to their site above), but you have to be a business there.

  MartinT-B 16:25 09 Apr 2003

97.20 + VAT at click here Unlike ebay, they have a next day postal service and a returns policy.

Yes 99% of the time you have to have a business to get trade prices. They are eponymous!

  Gaz W 17:48 09 Apr 2003

The £74 one on Ebay is an Upgrade version, and I was after the normal one, which I forgot to mention. I have seen some cheaper Windows XP Pro non upgrade versions, but how can I be sure they are completely legal and come with a license & product key?

I want to be able to buy one, with a license, and install it using the product key it comes with without having to buy a license after buying it on Ebay.

  woodchip 17:54 09 Apr 2003
  chrishillcoat 18:01 09 Apr 2003

click here

£40+vat for an "educational" license, anyone with any connection to school/college either as student, teacher, parent etc.


  Simsy 18:02 09 Apr 2003

click here I was told that to qualify for an OEM copy of Windows I had to buy any one of, Motherboard, CPU, Hard Drive. I bought all three so qualified on three counts.

Their price for XP Pro OEM;

Online Price £94.05£110.51 Including VAT at 17.5%

I don't have a great deal of experience of other online hardware retailers, so I can't really compare them with anybody, but I certainly have no reservations about buying from them again. They were helpful on the phone, both sales and tech support, and delivery was quick and efficient. Prices seem to generally be competative as well.



  €dstow 18:23 09 Apr 2003

The Scan price is £106·92 including Very Awful Tax. Most other quotes above are exclusive of this thus making them more expensive than the Scan price.


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