How can I get rid of this Download.Trojan Virus?

  Tinkey Winkey 13:51 08 Apr 2006

I have scanned my pc with Norton and AVG using the latest updates & signatures but I have one remaing Trojan that I can't get rid of.

It is a compressed file called " eied_s7_c_77.exe " within C:\eied_s7

Can I just 'shift & delete' the file directly from the C: drive ?

  VoG II 13:53 08 Apr 2006

Yes. If it won't budge click here

  Jak_1 07:54 09 Apr 2006

Have you tried turning off system restore and running av again. If a virus/trojan lodges in the system restore file then no av will be able to delete it whislt system restore is active.

1. Turn off sys restore in control panel.
2. Re-boot in safe mode.
3. Run av.
4. Re-boot in normal mode.
5. Re-activate system restore.

Also a good idea is doing a registry clean with a program such as 'regclean' after deleteing trojans and viruses.

  terryf 08:26 09 Apr 2006

Download vcleaner.exe from AVG, rename it to anything.exe copy to a floppy, boot up in safe mode and run it. this file gets updated from time to time.

  Andsome 08:40 09 Apr 2006

WHY are you running two AV programs?? You are asking for trouble.

  skidzy 08:50 09 Apr 2006

Tinkey...If you decide to remove the trogan manually,dont forget to empty the recycle bin before rebooting.Just an extra precaution.

If you are worried about deleting manually,maybe tring a2squared from click here

See if this finds and cures your problem first.

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