How can I get internet on my lap top?

  geek84 19:11 16 Nov 2011

Hi Folks

I can get internet on my mobile phone and was just wondering if I can get internet on my laptop by connecting my mobile phone to the lap top.

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance for your response.

  compumac 19:24 16 Nov 2011

Yes you can, but I have to go out now, someone may respond to you before I get back.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:27 16 Nov 2011

see here

However be aware of how much it will cost to use you phone this way.

  geek84 20:35 16 Nov 2011


Would I need to pay? I thought it would be free because I would be paying for the internet access on my mobile phone.

If I need to pay, how can I find out how much I will need to pay?

Thank You

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:46 16 Nov 2011

I thought it would be free because I would be paying for the internet access on my mobile phone.

you will be paying for the call to the isp

  compumac 22:09 16 Nov 2011

I use PAYG on T-mobile on my phone and I pay £20 for six months access to the internet. It has been useful coupling my laptop to the phone to gain access to the Internet when, say on holiday. There is probably a limit to the amount that I can download but for occasional internet usage it is OK.

  mgmcc 12:08 17 Nov 2011

What you can do will also depend on the type of phone and your provider. Many "smart phones" will connect with HSDPA or 3G and then act as a WiFi Hotspot for access by a Laptop, Netbook etc. The phone is effectively a wireless router.

The "O2" and "3" networks allow this without extra charge, Orange and T-Mobile charge extra, with Orange only allowing iPhone users to do it. Vodafone's stance is less clear. This is from a BBC Click article which, to be fair, is a couple of months old now.

  Woolwell 13:04 17 Nov 2011

Not sure about Orange charging extra. I tether my android mobile to my laptop by usb and can use it to access the internet. I can also use my phone as a wifi hotspot (it uses up the battery a lot) and connect my ipad. I haven't been charged extra by Orange perhaps because I have an uncapped data allowance.

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