how can i find a website i made 6 years ago?

  sheppygg 21:49 11 Jul 2007

I'm looking for a website i made about 6 years ago. It had lots of photos on it of me and my friends. I can't remember the web provider it was with, homestead rings a bell..... It had my name somewhere on the web address - stef green / stefanie green. On the homepage it had links to each of my friends. These included Kim Toole, Jenna Mcneish, Paula Fowler, Stuart Hamilton and yvonne lai.

I would love to find this website, i probably have no chance, i also remember i had a guestbook on there, and i had a message in it saying "wouldnt some people get a shock seeing themselves in here? aren't you supposed to get their permission"
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!!
stef green

  Jak_1 22:02 11 Jul 2007

Homstead is going but I can't find anywhere on their homepage to do a search.

click here

  sconedd 23:53 11 Jul 2007

sheppygg try click here hope this helps. Regards sconedd.

  Batch 08:14 12 Jul 2007

Is this what you were looking for:

click here

  Ikelos 08:31 12 Jul 2007

that could well be what he was looking for, but is it infected, bit like "nouvelle" the french site, it keeps trying to load Word 2000, on an endless loop........

  brundle 09:30 12 Jul 2007

Works OK here, perhaps you need to reinstall Office/Word?

  Batch 10:33 12 Jul 2007

I don't have a prob either (and I have Office 2K installed).

  tullie 10:51 12 Jul 2007

No prob here either

  sheppygg 17:42 12 Jul 2007

thankyou thankyou!!! how on earth did you ever find it???

  pj123 18:18 12 Jul 2007

Batch, I echo those words of sheppygg. However did you find it!

I wouldn't have had a clue where to start.

  Batch 18:57 12 Jul 2007

Glad I could help. I hesitate to say that it was quite simple, but it really was.

All I did was google for:

"stef green" "paula fowler"

and there was only one site hit.

So much of what is asked (in this forum and others) can readily be solved by a judicious google (or whatever your favourite engine is). Don't get me wrong, I'm not griping, just making an observation.

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