How Can I Find A Reputable Firm To Fix My Computer

  Big L 266 10:23 02 Jan 2009

Hello.After all the great help from some fantastic people here in the last 14 days,I have decided there are more things wrong that need to be dealt with.(Blue screens, software failures, infections and now a hard-drive which is making odd noises from time to time.) The original company whom I bought my computer from went bust within two years thus my 5 year guarantee isn't worth anything.

I would like to know how and where I can find a reputable firm to fix my computer please. What should I be asking such firms about their products and services?I rarely go out and my computer is my lifeline to the world.

I live in the Spalding area of Lincolnshire so would prefer a local firm with 25 miles. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so very much for your help.

  beeuuem 10:28 02 Jan 2009

If you bought your computer using a credit card your five year guarantee is worth a great deal for component related problems, but not for infections or software problems.

  rickf 10:30 02 Jan 2009

Why not contact an independent self employed expert to repair it at home. There are plenty of them about. I have had at least 6 posted thru' my letter box and they are local. Having said that I am in London but I assume it's the same over in Spalding.
Sounds like the computer just needs an overhall, clean up, replace any faulty parts and reinstall windows.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:36 02 Jan 2009

(Blue screens, software failures, infections and now a hard-drive which is making odd noises from time to time.)

If you have reached the "desperate" stage, then a new hard drive with a clean install of your operating system and programs is probably the answer.

A new drive can be purchased on the net and delivered to your dorr in a cuple of days ad is easy to fit yourself (four screws and two cables).

Do you have a Windows CD and the Programs you wish to reinstall?

  Big L 266 10:42 02 Jan 2009

Buuuuem,my computer was bought on a credit card but I don't think its component problems as the CPU is fine,but the hard-drive isn't so good. I believe most of it is infections and software problems. Although I often wonder. Thanks anyway.

Rickf.I'm inclined to agree with you.There are two shops in Spalding who do this kind of work.One is a one-man business and doesn't come out,and the other comes out but I can't wait two weeks for an appointment! Hence my request but thanks for your help.

I guess I'll have to try!

  David4637 10:49 02 Jan 2009

You sound to me to have reached the end of the road with your current computer. The cost of repair sounds like a new PC would not be far away the cost of repair. Get an estimate by all means then get a recommendation for a new PC from here. Check on-line prices for it - then decide?

  Big L 266 10:50 02 Jan 2009

I believe it is the sensible way forward.Despite yours and others help in here in the last 14 days,then 'desperate' is an appropriate word!I cannot do any repairs myself.Both hands,all fingers and one thumb and my right wrist all have severe arthritis in them and holding things like a screwdriver and doing fiddly things is not now an option anymore sadly.

I do have an original Windows cd plus a few others I can use for reinstalling namely Creative Audigy. I'm also very lucky to have another internal hard-drive with all my documents and settings on it.I also managed one external hard-drive with the same thing so as not to lose my entire cd collection of 36,000 tracks bought in the last 23 years. Of the two remaining external hard drives, one blew a fuse and not worth repairing,and the other lost everything during a 1 second power cut 14 days ago.

All is truly not well.

  Big L 266 10:57 02 Jan 2009

Yes,I may well have.Its four years old in April and in constant daytime use.Its possible its simply 'worn out' with constant use 10 hours a day every day! I think your idea is worth considering especially if my old Creative Audigy 4 Soundblaster Pro can be removed and installed in a new one.

Estimates first thats certainly the order of the day.If its too costly then a new one would be given serious consideration. The printer, speakers, keyboard, mouse etc work fine.


  Enoch 11:06 02 Jan 2009

Consider an Apple Mac if you have to replace your whole system. I did and I have never looked back. The support and help given by Apple to their clients is something else. I changed to a MacBook about 20months ago after years of PC and not only is the Apple Mac system certainly a match for a PC but the support and help is unbeleivable

  Big L 266 11:19 02 Jan 2009

Thank you for your suggestion. May I please kindly ask you to provide me with a link so that I can see for myself? Also,would you mind expanding on your idea a little more as I have no idea about Apple Macs at all.

Thank you.I am most obliged for your kindness.

  birdface 11:34 02 Jan 2009

Why not try a reformat or repair first.Then if you have problems with it get the repair man out.Or [One is a one-man business and doesn't come out],You could try phoning and explain why you cant try the repairs yourself and could he possibly make an exception on your part to collect it from you. My computer is 6 years old and gets used constantly every day and still going,maybe a bit slower than usual but still going.

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