How can I disable a firewall on a wireless router

  curly 10:35 22 Feb 2005

I have a Netgear DG834G wireless network router upstream of my computer which I use for broadand access to my two computers. I link my table computer by cable and my laptop by wireless.
The problem is that I am unable to access some secure websites because I think that the router firewall, plus the Zone Alarm firewall on eacg computer is too much security.
How can I disable the wireless router firewall?
Because the router is upstream of the computers I cannot find the router software on my computer. How can I find the software programme.

  TBH1 12:16 22 Feb 2005

you need to log onto your router vi explorer - - address is something like or something - your book thingy will tell you. G through options to finf firewall parameters.

Also, there is a network forum here - may be worth having a look there.

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