how can I create a gaming user profile??

  acemark 11:39 19 Jan 2003
  acemark 11:39 19 Jan 2003

Hi folks, I would like to turn off as many background processes/programs etc as I can to (hopefully) make my games run a bit quicker/better online. So I would LIKE to create an individual profile to allow me to do this safely. I'm running win xp and being a pc dunce I can't see how to do it, D'oh!! probably really EASY too. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please. Thanks.

  acemark 12:38 19 Jan 2003

Anyone out there??????????

  gingepaul 12:57 19 Jan 2003

what processes are u talking about here, antivirus is probably the biggest process slowing u down, if u have it. other wise its adware and spyware, naughty little files and apps that continuosly try and talk to therte ownspecific servers to get rid of these visit click here and download adawre, and refupdate,,,,,,install them both and then run ref update, which will contact the adaware servers and update its deffanition library, then run adaware, make the backup when prompted, select all the found files and click continue, there all clean, for now anyway. i do this about every 2 weeks and it always finds 20-30 files, most unwanted cookies but some spyware as well.
if u still want to set up a gaming acc, make sure u give it full rights, i didnt when i set one up for my brother and i found that when he wanted to save games, he couldnt, because windows gives the programme files folder a higher level of security so a limeted user cant write to it or change existing files, so either give it full adminisrative access, or install games into there own directory, i set one up called c:\game files then there will be no probs, oh and u could have a look in the start menue of your new identity, in the startup folder and delete any unnessisary apps launching at startup, otherwise you'll have to type msconfig into the run box and have a look for unwanted apps, but beware that mindless clicking will cause your system to not like u. and give u stress like never before.

  gingepaul 12:59 19 Jan 2003

oh another thing is to press ctrl alt and del at the same time, this brings up a dialogue box where u can see the culprits who are hogging your processor, and how much physical ram u have left, maybee u need more ram. dunno, anyway hope this helps u.

  Tog 13:04 19 Jan 2003

What OS are you running?

  acemark 13:15 19 Jan 2003

I'm into bf1942 and dflw at present, now according to click here this game is very resource intense so they recommend clearing out the task manager/processes folder. Now, as I'm always getting slaughtered on line I figured that IF I clean up on the processes it MIGHT improve my performance, and thus my sanity. I don't want to risk screwing up my pc though so I want to create the user profile in case anything goes wrong, if I do have problems then I can just delete the profile I create and return to my present one. I hope :-/
Does that make sense? Cheers for responding.

  acemark 14:11 19 Jan 2003

tog. I'm on windows xp home.

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