How can i copy win98 to another hard disk?

  a_dani19 10:59 21 Feb 2003

I posted this two days ago and got alot of suggestions.

I have an old hard disk and i bought a new bigger hardisk. I want to copy the contents including windows 98 on to the new harddisk and run it on a new system which i built.

All the components are compatible but the new disk just dosen't boot up.

I tried manually copying the files but upon boot up, computer said," invalid system disk replace disk [email protected]

some one suggested I try xcopy but, same problem. I downloaded the MaxBlast3 software from Maxtor site. It can clone disks. But i think the software is no good beacuse it asks for a floppy and thinks that the write protect tab is open when it isn't.

I can't understand why i couldn't install windows on this drive from the beginning. First it re configured the old hard disk and it didn't ask me,"which drive do you want to install win98 on"?

I also tried to install the new hard disk as master and it didnt boot so i tried to boot from win98 cd.

It gets to the point where it looks for drive space and always at 61%, it stops and tells me,"put disk in drive b and hit enter". but i don't have a drive b. I tried this 3 times and it still didn't work.

Finally i tried resotring system files and ini files and autoexecbat and stuff like that. Some of it works so it starts the windows98 and the blue windows98 is starting screen comes, it loads the drivers but then it stops and theres a c:\> prompt where i can type something.

I don't know what to do and feel frustrated. I wish now i never tried to save £500 building a new system.

Any suggestions would be welcomed and thanks for replying to this LONG message.

  eccomputers 11:23 21 Feb 2003

you cant just copy over windows from one system to another without special software because there are many files that simply wont be seen.
You need to 'ghost' it using norton ghost.
Is the bios setup correctly on the new machine? does it say you have a second floppy?
have you partitioned and formatted the new drive in your machine?
use your old system and format a floppy 'system' disk. Now from your windows\command folder copy
fdisk / format / sys to the floppy.
Boot using this floppy in your new machine.
Now run fdisk and create a partition/s
Now run format on the new drive
Now at the A> prompt, type SYS C:
Your hard drive will now boot to the c: prompt
All you need to do now is create an autoexec.bat file and config.sys to use your cd-rom drivers and you can install windows 98
Dont bother using himem.sys etc, when you go to your D: drive, go into D:\WIN98 and type XMSMMGR and this will manage the memory perfectly

  a_dani19 13:57 21 Feb 2003

how do I "create" autoexec.bat files and config.sys files

  Switcher 16:13 21 Feb 2003

All you need is Ghost Program.

Connect second drive as Slave No need to format the disk.

Run ghost to clone disk 1 to disk 2

Remove Disk 1. Set disk 2 as master and that's it.

  « Ravin » 16:21 21 Feb 2003

the maxblast program is pretty good. worked for me. all you need to do is download the program, insert a frshly formatted floppy and run the setup . it will load the software on to the floppy. reboot and boot from the floppy and it will take you through the steps. but the size of the partition on the new disk should be either same or larger than the one on the old disk for it to work.

  « Ravin » 16:27 21 Feb 2003

ps:try using a different floppy the one you used could be corrupted.

regarding your question on why windows installed on that particular drive, i think that windows installs on the c: drive by default. but before setup begins , if i recall right, you do get a prompt asking which folder you want windows installed to, and by default its set to C:\windows. at that point you click "install to a different folder" i think and replace C: with the name of the drive that you want to install windows to.

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