How can I control PC from another room?

  Williep 00:26 04 Jan 2015

For various reasons to do with doing gaming in one room and needing another room at the opposite end of the house to work in, I am going to have keep my PC in one room with a mouse keyboard and monitor, and will need to wor on the PC when looking at a monitor and using mouse, keyboard and other peripherals e.g. printer in another room.

How do I do this?

Option 1 is forget trying, just buy a new computer. But present PC is highly specced and I need an equally highly specced PC for work. So very £££.

Option 2 - can anyone suggest something fancy, like is it possible to send DVI (up to 1920x1200) wirelessly, and send USB signals wirelessly?

I assumed option 2 would be quite feasible, but in truth I've found very few devices which appear to offer what I'm looking for and they all have serious limitations e.g. having to run multiple Cat 6 cables throughout the house, or resolution not going up to 1200, or USB can't cope with having a multiport adaptor on the end which I'd need in the study. Plus the price isn't far short of a new PC.

Yes I suppose I could just try and run a 20m USB cable and a 20m DVI cable and see if anything happens, but it's rather expensive if it's not going to work, and involves drilling holes from one room to another.

If it's any good, I have a home powerline network as well as a home wireless network.

Thanks for advice.

  LastChip 01:16 04 Jan 2015

If you need both work stations to be of a high spec, then I can't think of a way you could do it. You could turn the high spec machine into a server and then connect a thin client to it, but the thin client wouldn't be anywhere near the same spec.

A USB cable (if it's USB2) will not work, as it has a distance limitation of 5 meters.

If you really need that level of computing, I'm afraid as far as I can see, it's bite the bullet and open your wallet!

  wee eddie 04:02 04 Jan 2015

Connect using Home Plugs and then one of those Control Sharing Programs that they uise to help people solve their problems

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:37 04 Jan 2015

I assume wee eddie means something like Teamviewer or just even remote desktop. but that of course means using another PC / laptop in the other room

click here

  LastChip 11:06 04 Jan 2015

That's the whole point Fruit Bat /\0/\, Williep wanted (as I understand it) to control a single computer from two different places. Two monitors, two keyboards and two mice. But each of those "workstations" would need (as you pointed out) it's own computer and the speed would be determined by the weakest link. Therefore, if you need powerful machines in both places, you may as well just buy them.

  Williep 13:40 04 Jan 2015

Thanks LastChip - that may be what I need.

Previously my gaming rig and home office desk were in the same room, using the same computer but I had one set of monitors, mice etc at the "gaming desk" and another monitor, mouse, keyboard and other peripherals at the "office desk". That way I could capitalise on the fact I have a blisteringly fast gaming PC to help me with my work (which needs a high spec PC in any case).

Now that my gaming rig and office desk are at opposite ends of the house I am going to have to either (i) buy a second, very expensive high spec PC for my home office or (ii) find a way of communicating with my PC from another room when I'm working. Clearly if you could get 30m long DVI cables and 30m long USB cables but they cost more than a PC then I'd be better off getting the second PC. But if there is a cheaper way of doing it that doesn't involve buying a new PC then I'd welcome suggestions.

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