How can I connect s-Video out to a Co-AX cable to

  Terry Brown 21:46 22 Nov 2005

On my graphics card I have a TV OUT,using s-video.I would like to connect it to my TV via a CO-AX cable (Computer Upstairs--TV Downstairs). Can you help?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:51 22 Nov 2005

S video to co ax cannot be done

You can get variousother adaptorseg s video to RCA or scart click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:52 22 Nov 2005

S video has no sound so you will also need an audio cable.

  Stuartli 22:03 22 Nov 2005

You would usually use a S-video plug (yellow) and red and white audio plugs to similar plugs at the other end or, alternatively, a Scart plug.

A Scart to S-video feed is directional, so anyone using such a lead would need to get the correct combination depending on the setup.

Basic guide here:

click here

A coaxial cable is just that just as with an RF to RF cable, although you could connect a coaxial cable to a splitter to feed two TVs (signal strength would be reduced to both sets).

  ashdav 23:20 22 Nov 2005

Fruit Bat is correct. S video to coax cannot be done.
The yellow connection is a composite video signal consisting of sync pulses,luminance (brightness) and chroma (colour).
The S video connection separates these into discrete signals and sends them on each pin.
This is done to simplify the internal circuitry of the devices connected together.
Your choices are to get an adaptor,change your graphics card or get a new tv.

  Stuartli 23:35 22 Nov 2005

As we have made it clear you can connect S-video to co-axial, perhaps reading up a brief resume of the various methods/differrences might be of interest?

click here

  ashdav 23:54 22 Nov 2005

click here
Coaxial cable consists of an inner conductor and a screen.
I'd be very interested how you can send two separate signals (as in S video) down one conductor.
Sorry but it can't be done.
Suggest you read your own link more closely.
The reference to "coaxial" cable is incorrect. It should read "screened".

  DieSse 00:24 23 Nov 2005

If you need to cover a fair distance (which s-video can't do) - use a video sender - I use one from my PC to TV in another room. Saves running cables round the house too-

  Sharpamatt 00:24 23 Nov 2005

This is possable dispite whats been posted, however the end result cannot be guaranteed and should be presumed poor.

By the use of a simple cable ( S videdo ) to scart. alows the PC to be connected to a standard Video player.The colour coded plugs must be correctley used and your PC should have all the correct types to fit these.

Thus svideo can provide a link to standard TV connections

Then useing normal ariel cable ( classed above as Co-ax or screened cable ) from the video player output to the TV Downstairs.

the further apart the more strenth will be lost from the signal hence poorer picture quality.

Some systems ( Like the Medion ALDI have on offer actuall have a scart connection .

For the Svideo lead Maplins have them on there site as I am sure many other stores do

  Stuartli 09:02 23 Nov 2005

I'm talking about coaxial aerial cable - nothing to do with S-video.

I have never, at any point, suggested: "I'd be very interested how you can send two separate signals (as in S video) down one conductor."

What has happened is that the "'t" is missing from my comment: "..As we have made it clear you can connect S-video to co-axial," which is entirely my own fault for not checking properly before posting.

Hence my earlier comment: "A coaxial cable is just that just as with an RF to RF cable." In other words it cannot be used for other than its intended purpose.

  DieSse 10:01 23 Nov 2005

Or you can use a modulator to convert your PC output to co-ax

click here

click here

click here

or put * rf modulator uk * into a google search for more

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