how can i check the speed of my USB ports?

  o44wen 13:48 05 Feb 2006

hi guys,

i am wanting to check the speed of my cousins computers USB ports to see if they are USB1.1 or USB2.0

Are there any free programmes out there that are able to check, or even are there any ways in Windows XP itself to check if it is USB 1.1 or 2.0?

I have done a small search on this but came up only with a $39.99 device that works, I dont want to be spending that, its not really that important but when they are using their webcam its very slow and jumpy compared to mine, which i know i have USB2.0 ports but they havent a clue.

  PaulB2005 13:49 05 Feb 2006

Look under Device Manager. Find the USB section and look for Enhanced Controller. If you have one it's USB 2, if not 1.1.

  Graham ® 13:54 05 Feb 2006

There may be both types present.

  Totally-braindead 13:54 05 Feb 2006

PaulB2005 is entirely correct, the other thing you can do is try another USB socket, providing you've checked it and it says enhanced, as some of the ports may be USB 1.1 and others may be USB 2.0. As far as I know all new computers are USB 2.0 only but I have seen a couple of older ones that had both. Worth a check anyway.

  o44wen 14:17 05 Feb 2006

thanks for the replies so far.

The thing is, it was just a new computer from PCworld on december 2004. I thought it should be all USB2 ports, so i thought it was just a crapy webcam they got, however when i inserted my USB2 pen drive a pop up appeared on WinXP saying something along the lines of "this is a USB2 device and could get better function elsewhere". That then made me thing, as sometimes PCWorld would use older pieces in their budget machines that the ports were USB1.1 This was the first ever time that i have recieved that pop up, and i have used her machine many times over the last year.

I just went through what PaulB2005 told me to do, first to test on my PC, will do my cousins later tonight on 2moro. below is a link to a screenshot.
I see that it says i have VIA USB Enhanced Host Controller. Now this only come up once, I have 6 USB ports, all of which are USB2. I am wondering if this shows up in my cousins computer will it mean that hers is USB2?

Another thing her PC has 2 at back and 2 at front, it is the front ones that i had been plying with, Its crap for PC world to have dont this for her, but then i never thought about it when helping her pick her PC.

Thanks for help guys, her is the screenshot

click here

  dms05 14:45 05 Feb 2006

The pop up 'This device can perform faster' is a quick and easy test. I have a laptop with original USB 1.1 and I've fitted it with a PCMCIA Card with USB 2 slots. So I can see both effects.

In Device Manager I see both 'Generic USB Hub' and 'USB 2.0 Root Hub'.

  o44wen 14:48 05 Feb 2006

the thing is the pop up 'This device can perform faster' has only appeared once in over a year, and only once, it happened to me 3 weeks ago, and i have not seen it again.

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