how can i burn a dual layer DVD.

  1973scotty 13:10 04 Dec 2004

hi i have a dual layer burner & the discs I am using at the moment 4.7GB -R. this has been fine untill i tried to make a back-up but, this DVD file size is 7.4GB. How can i get this onto 1 disc. can i buy the dual layer dvds,please help.

  ICF 13:21 04 Dec 2004

From here my be click here

  pj123 14:27 04 Dec 2004

Well, I suppose there must be some dual layer DVD disks around somewhere but I can't see any.

Unless, of course, a 9.4Gb disk is dual layer but I always thought that a 9.4 was a double sided 4.7gb disk?

click here

4th one down, TDK dvd-ram94dy1 DVD-Ram media

  Noelg23 15:37 04 Dec 2004

a dual layer DVD is burnt both sides at once, or rather the top side gets burnt first then the bottom side without you having to turn the disc over...hence why the speed is only 2.4 maximum...

  Andrew Martin 12:53 19 Dec 2004

...which is why it is possible to have double-sided, dual-layer DVDs that can hold up to 19GB!

  rawprawn 14:12 19 Dec 2004

Can someone please tell me if this is a Dual Layer DVD-RW, I have just bought a dual layer dvd-rw drive and I want to backup about 8.7gb of data. Would this do me or is there something better ?

  rawprawn 14:12 19 Dec 2004

click here Sorry forgot to put the link in.

  Graham ® 14:22 19 Dec 2004

If the writer can write to RAM disks, yes. Some do, some don't.

  rawprawn 14:32 19 Dec 2004

click here This is what I have bought and fitted, I can't see in the spec if it writes to RAM, can you have a look, and give me your opinion. It is the first time I have used a DVD so I am a bit lost. Thanks

  rawprawn 16:11 19 Dec 2004

Thanks for that, so if I want to do a backup to disc I would need to use 2, is it OK to stop and change half way ? I use Acronis True Image.

  rawprawn 16:29 19 Dec 2004

Thanks I will check it out.

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