How can i bring up my new rams specs on computer?

  prodway 21:37 09 Jul 2004

Hi,iv just bought some new ram and its advertised as pc3200 400ddr 512and also has the stickers on.I know its definatly 512 cause that comes up in my system/general tab on winxp,But how do i get the other details such as ddr and pc specs.In bios it comes up as 200mhz 400ddr,Whats this mean?Any ideas?Thanks,Paul.

  Pesala 21:39 09 Jul 2004

Everest (2,423K) System Diagnostics (=Aida)

  powerless 21:42 09 Jul 2004

Then yerr RAM is right.

200Mhz @ DDR = 400Mhz aka PC3200.

  prodway 21:44 09 Jul 2004

Yeah but why does it say 200 mhz?whats that mean?

  Mister Splendid©® 21:56 09 Jul 2004

DDR 400 ram runs with the fsb set at 200MHz, your bios is correct. DDR stands for Double Data Rate. Imagine the clock cycle as a sine wave. Ordinary ram can move data only on one side of the waveform. DDR can do so on both sides of the wave. As it can therefore move data twice as fast it is said to run at 400MHz hence DDR 400. But the actual clock speed, as quoted in the bios, is still 200MHz.

  Chegs ® 02:21 10 Jul 2004

click here

Or,test YOUR RAMS actual performance.I used this to locate which of three identical sticks was faulty(ish)It told me which one was slightly slower than the other two,removed it and my system ceased locking/crashing every three days. ;-)

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