How can I boot from WinXP Pro CD?

  wetterfugal? 18:28 19 Jun 2003

The bios is set to boot first from a floppy and second from RAID/ATA133. the third boot is disabled and all three only have the afore mentiond option, there is no option for a CD. (though I have a feeling when I first installed the motherboard it did have a CD option).

It is a Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. 7VRXP
with BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 07.00T 07/09/2002

I am running XP Pro and I wish to reformat from the XP CDROM.

  powerless 18:39 19 Jun 2003

Not familiar with that board.

But as a quickie - floppy boot disks - 6 in total.

click here

  wetterfugal? 19:00 19 Jun 2003

Thanks, I have copied the artical but god knows where my floppies

I would like to be on top of current technology and find out how to boot fron a CD.

One way would be to boot from a Win98 boot disk and choose "boot with CD support". then put in the XP CD but I am told that the XP CD makes it easy.

Anyway, Thanks for the directions to the MS disks.

Regaeds, VA

  barrie_g 19:12 19 Jun 2003

you may simply not be seeing the cd as a boot device if you have chosen not to have it listed try changing the boot order in the bios and see if it lists it among the options.

  wetterfugal? 19:19 19 Jun 2003

Sorry barrie_g but if you read my post again you will find a list of the options I have and CD is not one of them. The MB is a modern one and it should have a CD option but where is it?

  Lú-tzé 19:21 19 Jun 2003

Is there an option in the bios to restore defaults or to load defaults or the like? It might be worth a shot, but may also throw out the recognition of the raid setup.

  wetterfugal? 19:32 19 Jun 2003

There is an option to restore defaults. I do not use the RAID facillity due to lack of knowledge therefore I just ignored it. I have:

1700 megahertz AMD Athlon XP

59.97 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
36.93 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

512 Megabytes Installed Memory

Is there a facillity to revert back from the defaults or display the defaults before saving?

  wetterfugal? 19:35 19 Jun 2003

I could of course take screenshots of the setup and manually restore evrything.

  barrie_g 19:46 19 Jun 2003

no what I meant is that if you go to change the boot order when you click on it, it should bring up a box with the options for you to choose from for 1st boot device,

I dont know if this is what you have done or if you are just seeing the screen with the boot devices listed and not seeing cd listed if this is the case I'm sorry for wasting your time, but as I'm sure that you can appriciate trying to communicate via text in a forum, sometimes its hard to get accross exactly what you mean and all to easy to pick things up the wrong way.

  wetterfugal? 19:57 19 Jun 2003

I have boot first = Floppy which will toggle between RAID/ATA133 and Floppy and Disable.

I have boot second = RAID/ATA133 which will toggle between RAID/ATA133 and Floppy and Disable

I have boot third = Disable which will toggle between RAID/ATA133 and Floppy and Dissable.

This is done by using page up/down.

There is no dropdown menue it is done by up/down.

No CD option.

  AMD_MAN23 21:39 19 Jun 2003

What happens when you press ENTER on one of these does it come up with a list off differant bootable drives?


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