How can i ban certain websites

  Doire_Bhoy 21:51 07 Dec 2005

on my home pc?

  VoG II 21:54 07 Dec 2005

In IE, Tools, Internet Options, Security tab. Click on Restricted Sites symbol, then on Sites button. Type in web address and click Add. OK your way out.

  Stuartli 21:57 07 Dec 2005

In Internet Explorer and Firefox's Privacy/Security settings you can list websites that you don't wish to allow.

In Firefox it's from Options>Contents tab>Load Images (in version 1.5).

In IE it's from Tools>Internet Options>Privacy tab?Sites button.

  Mytob 22:28 07 Dec 2005

Id just like to point out how easy this is to get around. All the user has to do is remove the enterys or insatll another web browser! Even if you are using xp and you make the user in question a limited user they can still get around it. There are also many free anonimous proxys out there which will get around the prob. Trust me on this iv done it a millin time over at school even with there county council controled smart filters in place. The other posibility is just to use a bootable linux disrto as most smart filters will only work on windoz. You can never trualy get away from the prob. Im assuming this is for your kids. I hope for your sake there not curious or computer minded! I was bypassing the school smart filters at 12 with very simple methods. You can never truly bolt down windoz. If you want to exersize ultimate control id sugest linux.

  mgmcc 23:02 07 Dec 2005

You could add the URLs of the sites in question to the "Hosts" file. It has no extension but is a plain text file which can be opened in Notepad. In XP it is in the path:


  Doire_Bhoy 15:31 08 Dec 2005

VOG that method doesnt work.

Im looking after some PCs in a local youth club and i have alrady got some children/teenagers looking at certain adult sites.

Any programmes out there that can help me?

  iambeavis 15:48 08 Dec 2005

Info on using the hosts file to block sites - click here

  ChrisRLG 17:31 08 Dec 2005

Try this

click here

I use it at a church with 12 computers used just like a library system.

If used along with limited user accounts for the general users it is as far as I can tell unbreakable.

I have a admin account for me and a limited user account for the general users, this will only work properly with windox XP Pro - the home version does not have the same security, good reason to get the better version of XP.

  Stuartli 17:54 08 Dec 2005

Right little bundle of joy aren't you...:-)

  Mytob 00:12 09 Dec 2005

hell i just tell it as is is :). im saying from experiance here as the school techitians banned me a few time form the network for smartfilter bypassing ect. one thing i will point out is that allot of these progs like net nanny ect are suseptble to some one just useing the ip address instead of the usual web address. this was one method i used by simply pinging the site server you got its ip and used that instead. all i can suggest is use linux and some external proxy server as linux is the hardes to cercumnaviget i found. even this can be bypassed easily with another proxy server which just gets the site for you and relays it back to you pc with a totaly different address so fooling your proxy. in the end you will never be able to stop a curious person getting around cencership. the only petentaialy possible way is as follows

1. setup bios to not boot from a cd or any other device other than the pc hard drive.
2. password protect bios to prevent changes.
3. use a proxy service such as net nanny.
4. consider putting linux istead of windows on the pcs with with very limited accounts.

windows xp is a doddle to get round btw as you just boot into safe mode and reset the admin password. even the steps above can be got around by just flashing the bios or a windows or unix pasword cracker like john the ripper. o and id save urself som mony and not get xp or if you do get oem copys of ebay for about £40 instead of £180 from pc world!

  BEN MARSHALL 10:55 09 Dec 2005

click here

Its free!

Parental Filter description Download

Parental Filter is an Internet Filtering Parental Control software package that provides anyone with control over the web pages displayed.

Allowing you to block internet web pages that exhibit inappropriate words, and pictures.

You can define the web sites that are allowed and those that are not in addition to the already specified definitions.

Parental Filter has a built-in large database of pre-defined, undesirable websites, and keywords.

You can add key words, it has programme control so say the word "art" is blocked you cannot search it on the web or go on an address containing that name or a site with that word in it also blocks things like say in MSN Messenger if someone has an abusive screen name with banned words in it you cannot talk to that person you can make "parental filter" completely invisible so the icon does not show on the desktop or task bar + start menu! but if you type your secret code e.g. b5364en then it shows the filter and allows you to turn it off or modify rules such as permitted websites bypassing the blocked rules e.g. 'click here'

Parental filter blocks the site but does not display a message like blocked by ..... it just redirects you back to the predefined page such as your homepage or ''

Give it a go,
goof luck Ben Marshall.

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