How can this happen ??

  24bitkid 21:02 20 Mar 2005

Problem detailed simply:

Two computers A and B. One website. Computer A views website. Website is then updated. Computer A has temp folder, cookies folder, temp internet folder, history folder and auto-complete erased. Computer A views recently updated website but still sees old pages despite having all Internet history etc. erased.

Computer B sees updated pages with no problems.

If you delete all the above folders, why does computer A still see the old pages and from where are they located?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:39 20 Mar 2005

Are tehy on different ISPs? Many ISPs cache sites.

  24bitkid 23:17 20 Mar 2005

Same ISP.

Computer A still sees old pages even with Internet history cleared.

When website is updated, the update is available to view immediately.

Computer B having not seen older pages, displays new pages correctly.

Complicated I know.

  hzhzhz 23:42 20 Mar 2005

Please use more descriptive title

  p;3 05:49 21 Mar 2005

"Please use more descriptive title "; I would agree; but in this instance , what can one suggest ?
and 24bitkid "thinking on it"
however, a bit more info might not go amiss; e.g.what OS"s are they both running; ?linked? protection on each and when last run:)

  Diodorus Siculus 07:33 21 Mar 2005

Is it a site that you are creating locally?

Maybe if you post the site name someone here will be able to work out what is happening.

  SEASHANTY 12:10 21 Mar 2005

I don't think they are fully erased until you shutdown completely then reboot. When I use the Internet Cleanup programme I have on this PC and I run after using my online bank it tells me that details will not be fully erased until a reboot.

  Yoda Knight 13:10 21 Mar 2005

does it happen in reverse ? ie, use pc B to update the web page and see if the same thing happens ?

  24bitkid 16:52 21 Mar 2005

Thanks Seashanty. Maybe I have to reboot before everything gets deleted. Maybe I have not described the problem clearly but it has me beaten.

The basic query is that even if you empty the Internet history, files etc. how can a machine still view older pages when a website has recently been updated? Where is it getting the reference from?

However, when I hit the refresh button the correct page is displayed - but where is the older page stored if the above folders are cleaned out?

Computer A and B are both XP machines and they are not linked and not rebooted on this test.

  p;3 21:10 25 Mar 2005

??any luck with this yet?

and have you checked for bugs and viruses? I am presently working on a pc that has had its Temp I folder completely emptied ( or so he thought) only to discover that it is jam packed with files, courtesy of an infection that he knew nowt about:(

  helmetshine 05:55 26 Mar 2005


Try on tools...internet options...on the General tab the middle box is temporary internet files,click on settings,where it says check for newer versions of stored pages make sure every visit to the page is checked
Don't know if that will work but worth a try

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