How can up backup my external HD.

  Cesare 17:07 06 Feb 2008

I have put all ny pictures etc on my external hard drive but I am afraid that if this goes bust, I will loose everything. How can I backup all this data ? Do I have to buy a second external drive and plug it in another USB point and copy everything on it too ?

  Diemmess 17:22 06 Feb 2008

You have to trust your equipment somehow and at some stage.

What I do (only my opinion)
I have Primary HD partitioned into C: (which carries the OS and applications)
D: which carries all my data of whatever kind.

Also an external HD which is only switched on for backups, i.e. Acronis file of C: and folders for the data I really want to keep form D:
The data is backed up almost daily using a freebie called EZBackitup.
This is really a batch file where I can select folders which I want to back up and ignore temporary stuff.
I hope the external HD will have a very long life since it is only used for a few minutes most days.

Of course you can use yet another HD internal or external, but why not choose good quality DVD R disks and burn the pictures that way, for a backup of backups!
Pennies instead of pounds, but do NOT use bargain basement blanks if you expect to read the disks next year!

  Pamy 17:26 06 Feb 2008

You could do that.
You could also copy them onto DVD's
you could upload them onto a web storage site
You could load them onto a USB memory stick/sticks
you could print them all

  Cesare 17:31 06 Feb 2008

I think that I will copy them on to DVD disks.Thanks

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