How to calculate the XP key?

  eric8024 14:16 26 Mar 2003

I reinstalled my XP Professional but failed to activate it. I tried my old key but it didn't work.

I know there is a software called 'XP key gen' which can calculate a valid key in a few hours.

I don't know where i can download this kind of software. Anyone knows? Please tell me.

Thank you.

  MAJ 14:19 26 Mar 2003

We don't support cracks on this forum, eric8024. Microsoft should be able to help you.

  powerless 14:19 26 Mar 2003

Phone Microsoft.

  Djohn 14:29 26 Mar 2003

If you give Microsoft a call, they will activate XP over the phone for you. You can do this as many times as you wish, no problems, just give them your name/address and product key or licence number. J.

  eric8024 14:35 26 Mar 2003


I hope Microsoft will give me a sound key :)

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 15:08 26 Mar 2003

sent you an email eric, but it was blocked by a anti-spam programme....send me your email address please

  Legolas 16:40 26 Mar 2003

I was not aware that XP Professional needed to be activated I thought it was only XP Home

  Djohn 17:19 26 Mar 2003

Pro. as well, needs to be activated, you don't have to register, but you have to activate, once activated, then it belongs to that machine.

Also I installed Works Suite 2003 a few weeks back, and that also had to be activated. Three days later I purchased,
installed, and activated Publisher 2002, went to use works Suite and was informed, "Major change to your programs, Works Suite 2003, re-activate"

Did so over the web. Apparently publisher had made some alterations to "works" probably the clip art! J.

  eccomputers 23:32 26 Mar 2003

I think the whole idea of activating is a real pain. You never feel like you own the product you've spent hundreds of pounds on, just renting it. It MS want to get serious about cracking piracy and regain billions of dollars, there's only one real answer. CUT THE PRICES. If it was cheap enough then no one would bother to try and copy it, they would buy their own. I've never understood the whole economic philosophy in the world where they have the attitude "oops, not enough customers now, ok then, UP THE PRICE".
For Christs sake why dont they say "need more customers, lower the price"??????

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